Posted by : admin | On : October 15, 2012

By Erik Walsh
The News Staff

The Malakoff City Council agreed to amend a city ordinance Monday, Oct. 8, effectively increasing how much residents will pay for their water and sewer bill.

The move increases minimums $1.25 per month for residential water and $2.58 per month for sewer, making the total for these utilities $27 for water and $17 for sewer.

The additional charges per $1,000 gallons will not be changing.

The city was told it was not charging enough for water and sewer back in April, following a rate study by a non-profit group.

Harold Hunter of Community Resource Group, Inc. told the council that at the current rates, the water and sewer fund would be running at a loss in the coming year.

“You are not going to generate enough revenue to cover your costs,” Hunter said at that time.




Posted by : Staff Reports | On : August 17, 2012

By Erik Walsh
The News Staff

Voters in Malakoff will not just be deciding on a president come November. Liquor is back on the ballot.

The issue is the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption. In practical terms, if approved liquor stores will be allowed in the city.

On a 3-2 vote Monday night, the Malakoff City Council adopted a resolution to include the liquor option on the Nov. 6 ballot. There was no debate prior to, or following, the vote and the council moved on to the next item quickly.

The two no votes — which came from council members Jeanette King and Jerry Savage — were largely symbolic. The city was required to approve the election because a petition with signatures representing 35 percent of the registered voters who cast a vote in the last gubernatorial election was filed.

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