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Here again are the Henderson County polling places. I posted the 1M sample ballot yesterday, but you can find the sample ballot for your polling place here.

Polling Places:
1A – Seven Points City Hall
1CR – Willow Springs Baptist Church
1CR-CRISD – Willow Springs Baptist Church
1CR-MISD – Willow Springs Baptist Church
1M – Malakoff City Hall
1M-MISD – Malakoff City Hall
1M-Malakoff – Malakoff City Hall
1M-CRISD – Malakoff City Hall
1MN – Caney City–City Hall
1MN-MISD – Caney City-City Hall
1T – Trinidad Community Center
1T-MISD – Trinidad Community Center
1T-LOP – Trinidad Community Center
1T-MISD-LOP – Trinidad Community Center
1TC – Oran White Civic Center
1TC-MISD – Oran White Civic Center
1TC- TOOL – Oran White Civic Center
1TC-MISD/City – Oran White Civic Center
2 – United Pentecostal Church
2E – Eustace School
2E-ESD – Eustace School
2GBN – Gun Barrel City Hall
2GBS – St Peters Lutheran Church
2PSN – Payne Springs Community Center
2PSS – Pinnacle Club Fire Station
2PSS-MISD – Pinnacle Club Fire Station
3 – Henderson County Election
3B – Brownsboro Community Center
3B-BISD – Brownsboro Community Center
3C – Chandler Community Center
3C-BISD – Chandler Community Center
3M – Murchison School
3M-MISD – Murchison School
3M-BISD – Murchison School
3M-BISD/City – Murchison School
3M-Murchison – Murchison School
3N – Bethel Christian Church
3N-BISD – Bethel Christian Church
3N-MISD – Bethel Christian Church
3WS-BISD – Westside Volunteer Fire Dept.
4 – Athens First Baptist ROC
4A – Athens First Baptist ROC
4BV – Berryville Community Center
4CC – Coffee City-City Hall
4CC-City – Coffee City-City Hall
4CC-BISD – Coffee City-City Hall
4CC-BISD/City – Coffee City-City Hall
4MS – Moore Station Community Center
4MS-BISD – Moore Station Community Center
4NYL – New York Community Center
4NYL-BISD – New York Community Center
4PF – Poynor Community Center
4SE – Faith Fellowship Church
4SE-BISD – Faith Fellowship Church
4W – Shady Oaks Baptist Church
4W-CRISD – Shady Oaks Church



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By Erik Walsh
The News Staff

Voters in Malakoff will not just be deciding on a president come November. Liquor is back on the ballot.

The issue is the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption. In practical terms, if approved liquor stores will be allowed in the city.

On a 3-2 vote Monday night, the Malakoff City Council adopted a resolution to include the liquor option on the Nov. 6 ballot. There was no debate prior to, or following, the vote and the council moved on to the next item quickly.

The two no votes — which came from council members Jeanette King and Jerry Savage — were largely symbolic. The city was required to approve the election because a petition with signatures representing 35 percent of the registered voters who cast a vote in the last gubernatorial election was filed.

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By Michael V. Hannigan

ATHENS – From the smallest voter box to the biggest Congressional district, lawyers and politicians and judges have been fiddling with and adjusting the boundaries of political subdivisions in Texas since the House Committee on Redistricting met on March 1, 2011. And despite the fact that May 29 primary elections are on the schedule, redistricting will continue to be a bone of contention for months to come.

Just consider Henderson County. Commissioners this week had to split off part of a Malakoff voter box in Precinct 1 and send it to Cross Roads.

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Posted by : Press release | On : March 16, 2012

From Staff Reports

Republican and Democratic parties in Henderson County have drawn positions for placement on the ballot for the Primary Election to be held May 29.

Candidate filing for county, state and national offices ended March 9.

The most widely contested race in Henderson County is Precinct 1 Commissioner,

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By Michael V. Hannigan
The News Staff

Henderson County Elections Administrator Denise Hernandez might finally have a date for primary elections.

Just don’t expect pulling it together to be easy.

After months of wrangling, a federal court in San Antonio released interim redistricting maps Tuesday, a move which increase the chances the state will see primary elections on May 29. Obstacles remain and the maps could still be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but officials are optimistic.

“While we believe the original maps drawn by the Texas Legislature were fair and legal,

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By Michael V. Hannigan

If you are waiting for your voter registration card, you are going to have to wait a little longer; redistricting in Texas has really become a headache.

Voting districts for the Texas Legislature and the state’s Congressional delegation are in limbo with two sets of maps drawn, one by state lawmakers and one by a group of federal judges in San Antonio,

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