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By Britt Thompson and
Amanda Miles Thompson

From The Malakoff News
Friday, December 6, 1957

Miss Ann Dosser has been chosen Class Favorite of the eighth grade of the Junior High School of Buras, Louisiana.
Miss Dosser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Dosser of Buras, is a native of Malakoff and attended school here until two years ago. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Rosa McLain of Malakoff.
Miss Dosser was selected for this honor from a class membership of one hundred and eighteen. Her picture will appear in the school yearbook.
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I’m going to write this quick – I’ve got to get ready for a garage sale. I am not looking forward to it. I love going to garage sales, but I hate giving them. In fact, I don’t remember whether I ever have given one. But I know I’d hate it. When you have one, and you really want to part with your stuff, you have to face how little it is worth. Then you have to wonder why in the world you’ve been keeping it for so long, storing it, cleaning it, moving it, and storing it again. That is completely different from the joy of going to somebody else’s garage sale and seeing all this totally valuable stuff at such ridiculously low prices.

Anyhow, I have to do it. Redheaded daughter Liz has decreed that all the family must dig out everything they can spare and bring it to the former newspaper office on Terry Street and sell it this weekend. I doubt if we’ll get it all out, because we are a bunch of procrastinators, but there will be a lot of stuff there.

And it is not just us – also going on in the same building at the same time, will be a fund-raising garage sale held by the Malakoff Area Garden Club.

There’s going to be a lot of good stuff: Furniture, appliances, all kinds of goodies, and a TON of books at very good prices.

We are going to be doing this thing this Friday and Saturday, and my understanding is that we will open up at 8 a.m. Friday morning. There will be an ad somewhere in this paper that will have more accurate information.

I hope you will come by and offer me support as I bid farewell to a little bit of my precious junk.

We may have to have the sale for two weekends to get rid of everything, but we can’t have it much longer than that. Because, starting January 1, the building is going to have a wonderful new tenant. Susie Smith is moving her Black-eyed Susan shop here. She presently has her shop in Seven Points, but is moving here because with all the great antique shops we already have, she feels she will get even better exposure here than she does up there. I’ve visited her shop, and it is beautiful. I am really excited about her being here. I am also excited because we are going to go in cahoots in the book selling business. We are going to be selling some good books at really good prices, and we’ll have them in categories so you can tell if we have anything you are looking for.

I think we may have reached a solution to the horse problem. Those seven horses that are presently feasting on what is left of my St. Augustine I had to plant to keep my house from washing away down the hill.

We have found a wonderful gal in Gilmer named Amber who trains and trades horses. She is 27 with five kids under 8 years old, and owns 20-something horses already, as well as runs an animal rescue operation. She is engaged to a super nice guy named Tommy, who either must love kids and animals, or really, really loves her, or who knows, maybe both.

Anyhow, Carl is going to go into some kind of partnership deal with her, where she will take them to her place, train them, and sell them and they split the proceeds. Of course, the part of the deal I like best is “take them to her place.”



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By Michael V. Hannigan

In a surprise move, Pat Isaacson has decided to step down as mayor of Malakoff.

Isaacson handed in her resignation letter the week before Thanksgiving following a special called meeting of the City Council. That meeting addressed the city’s ability to issue temporary alcohol sales permits, and discussed the possibility of joining forces with Don McNamara’s Long Cove development for water and sewer service.

Neither issue was related to the resignation, Isaacson said.
“I have been the mayor of Malakoff since 1997 and it is time for some new blood in that position,” she said in a written statement to The Malakoff News. “I am hoping that a good citizen will take my place and work hand in hand with the City Council and the city administrator.” {{more}}

Isaacson pointed to the city’s improved infrastructure – and particularly the new water plant – as the high points of her time in office.

“During my administration, all water and sewer lines have been replaced, and up until the last few years, the streets were in fantastic shape,” she said. “I have learned a lot as the mayor of Malakoff, some good, some bad, and I now know more about sewer and water than I ever wanted to know, but all of it has been an excellent learning tool.”

Although she is leaving City Hall, Isaacson said she would remain active in the city.

“I will continue to support Malakoff as the secretary-treasurer of the Malakoff Chamber of Commerce and as an active member of the Malakoff Historical Society,” she said. “Thank you to each and every citizen for allowing me to serve the City of Malakoff for all these years.”

City Administrator Ann Barker said Isaacson’s resignation will be on the agenda for next week’s regular meeting of the City Council. That is scheduled for Monday at 6 p.m., although Barker said if the council cannot form a quorum the meeting could be held Tuesday.

Barker said the council has two options for dealing with the vacant mayor’s seat:

– Leave the seat vacant until the May election with Mayor Pro-tem Tim Trimble taking over the mayoral duties until then; or,

– Appoint someone to fill the mayor’s seat between now and the election.



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By Michael V. Hannigan

Chris Underhill’s name has been cleared.

Underhill, the then Eustace High School senior who missed graduation ceremonies in May after being jailed for allegedly making terroristic threats, has been No Billed by the Henderson County Grand Jury.

“No Bill” means the Grand Jury found there wasn’t enough evidence to hold a trial and all charges against Underhill are dropped. The Grand Jury handed up its decision the week before Thanksgiving. {{more}}

Underhill was arrested one week before graduation ceremonies in May after some students told school and law enforcement officials that Underhill had a “hit list” and was making threatening comments. He said he spent nearly three months in jail, not only missing graduation but also his 19th birthday.

Now that he is free and the cloud of prosecution that was hanging over his head is gone, Underhill said he feels vindicated.

Underhill’s attorney, Brian Schmidt, said, “I’m happy for him. He’s a good kid and I think he got a bum deal.”

Schmidt said he didn’t believe there was ever any legitimate evidence against his client. He said there was no consistency to the statements against him and there was never any hit list found.

“Not only was there no evidence, but I don’t believe it ever happened,” he said.

Schmidt said he thought the event may have been fueled by “rumors and hysteria,” which is not surprising considering the tragedies which have rocked schools around the country in recent years.

Even Underhill himself said he does not blame school officials for what happened.

“I would have done the same thing if I was in (their) place,” he said.

While Underhill said he understands that school officials did what they had to, the students who gave statements about him are a different matter.

“There are three things my family hates: Liars, cheaters and thieves,” he said. “They stole my graduation from me



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From Staff Reports

It’s time to pull out those “moving” holiday decorations and get in line.

The Malakoff Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade will be held 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 13.

This year’s theme is “Ring Out the Sound of Christmas in Malakoff.” {{more}}

Everyone is invited to decorate with bells or use music featuring bells. All parade entries are invited to throw candy.

The parade has been held at night in recent years, but the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted to take it back to a daytime parade this year.

“Last year’s parade was nice and a lot of people attended, but it was cold and some folks had a hard time seeing the floats because of the poor lighting,” said Chamber President Kathy Roland.

The chamber will award trophies to the top three floats.
Applications are still available at the Chamber office. If you would like to enter the parade, call 903-489-1518 or email You can also stop by the chamber office at 503 N. Terry St. (State Highway 198) at the Malakoff Community Center.

Following the parade, the Greater Malakoff Area Garden Club (GMAGC) will hold a party at the historic Bartlett House from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The GMAGC will also open the site to visitors on Sunday, Dec. 14, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There is no cost to visitors.

The GMAGC recently acquired the Bartlett House, along with three other lots, and plans to clear the debris from the property and then conduct a major planting and beautification project on all the properties.

Located next to the Acme Brick Plant on Bartlett Road, the Bartlett House is in ruin because of years of neglect and vandalism, but it is also located on grounds that were once known for its outstanding gardens and garden furniture.

“You are invited to see a house that now can be seen as we found it,” said GMAGC President Lyn Dunsavage Young. “It has taken quite a number of people working daily for a month cutting down trees and overgrowth that was higher than the house itself so you could come to our ‘before’ viewing. This is a dangerous site with tree stumps, roof problems, and a flooded basement, so participants need to wear strong, flat shoes and only go where they are informed they can go. Children can only attend if they are strongly supervised by adults holding their hands.”

For more information, contact the GMAGC at P.O. Box 897, Malakoff, Texas 75148; or drop by Coach’s store on Mitcham Street and talk to GMAGC treasurer Kathy Roland; or email



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By Pearl Cantrell

ATHENS – Henderson County Commissioners approved a contract with two new vendors to provide a land records management and storage system and indexing service Tuesday.

Though the county has been using ACS for years, the company’s weakening condition with layoffs and being up for sale has been affecting the quality of its service to the county, County Clerk Gwen Moffeit told commissioners.

“There have been errors being made that shouldn’t be made. And my office is doing half their work for them and we’re paying them,” Moffeit said. {{more}}

Land records dating back to June, 1967 are indexed and available on five viewers in the county basement through ASC.

Commissioners approved a contract with Eagle Software through Tyler Technologies.

Based in Colorado, Eagle sent a representative to go over the features of its system, which includes a cashiering ability to ease service to title companies, Moffeit said.

Because Eagle does not provide indexing services, commissioners also approved a contract with Safeguard Imaging Solutions. The indexing will cover all variations of land records, vital records and other documents filed or recorded in the Clerk’s Office and provide a double-entry to verify accuracy.

Pricing for the index service is on a per document basis of $3.75, which the filing fees will cover, Moffeit said. The system will be updated 24 to 48 house after entry, the contract stipulates.

The cost of indexing back records comes to $1,225 per 500 rolls of magnetic tape. Currently, the county has stored records on 1,700 rolls, Moffeit said, bringing the initial cost to just under $5,000.

IT manager Betty Spence and the IT committee have worked closely with Moffeit over the last two months to procure a suitable replacement for ACS.

“Van Zandt and Hunt counties are the latest ones to switch to Eagle,” Moffeit said.

Commissioners carefully questioned Moffeit and Spencer on the proposed change because the county’s land records are a very valuable resource to all its citizens.

The current three-year contract with ACS expires Dec. 6.

Specific questions about equipment ownership, maintenance, software licensing, information retrieval and ownership, along with total costs were submitted and answered last week to the commissioners’ satisfaction.

With the holidays, Moffeit said she expected a 90-day transition period. “It will be challenging at first, but we expect it to be well worth it,” she said.

“Van Zandt’s county clerk said the transition was rough in the beginning, but they are happy they made the change,” Moffeit added.

In other business during the previous Nov. 25 meeting, commissioners:

– re-appointed Larry Moran and Tamra Brickey to two-year terms ending Dec. 31, 2010 on the Emergency Services District No. 4.

– designated $17,377 in grant money from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program to training of correctional officers, as recommended by Deputy Chief Kevin Haynes.

– authorized 8,000 square feet of roofing material removed from the fair grounds arena to precincts 1 and 2, totaling 16,000 sf. in all.

– announced their intent to appoint a member to the Andrews Center Board of Trustees. Those interested in the opportunity to serve should call their commissioner or county judge.

– accepted bids for two lots in private subdivision Lake Shadows in Gun Barrel City for $1,023 and a bid for a lot in Oak Harbor for $500.

– paid bills totaling $147,122.61.



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Services for Frances Humphrey, 70, of Trinidad were held 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008, at Trinidad Cemetery under the direction of Tomlinson Funeral Homes of Malakoff.
Mrs. Humphrey died Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008, in Athens. She was born June 29, 1938, in Dawson, Texas, to the late Arthur Eugene Poston and Nellie Mae Green. She was a housewife.
She was preceded in death by husband, R.G.



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Bonnie Johnson Shafer went home to be with her Lord Friday morning, Nov. 21, 2008, at her home in Malakoff after a two-year battle with cancer.
Mrs. Shafer was born in North Carolina to Floyd and Ann Jones on Dec. 18, 1938. She moved to Jacksonville, Fla., as a child and spent her young life there until moving to Texas. She has been a resident of Malakoff for over 40 years.
She is preceded in death by her father Floyd Jones, husband of 35 years David (Doc) Johnson, daughter Rhonda Cox and son-in-law Michael Hopkins.
Survivors are her husband, Jim Shafer; daughter and son-in-law, Phylis and Dave Michie of Rockwall, Texas, and their children Jennifer Umina, Jason Montgomery, Jessica Montgomery, Steven Stewart, and Shawn Michie and their families, daughter Velena Hopkins and her children Lauren, Beau, and Casey of Garland, Texas. Step-daughter, Jan and husband Chris Romine of Tulsa, Okla.; great-grandchildren, Maggie and Cash Umina and Bridget Schroder. She is survived also by her mother Ann Oviatt of Athens, sister Birleane Meeks and husband Bill of Jacksonville, Fla., brother William (Hank) Houlett and wife Barbara and their children of Athens, extended family Ted and Glenda Oviatt of Jacksonville, FL, sister-in-law Agnes Gibbs of Pilot Point, Texas, brother-in-law and wife Charles and Betty Shafer of Dallas, Amos and Jerri Shafer of Plano, Jack and Aleta Shafer of Kemp, and sister-in-law Marjorie Lambert of Carrollton, Texas; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Mrs. Shafer was blessed with great musical talents and was the music director and pianist at the First Baptist Church, Trinidad where her husband Jim is the pastor. She loved gospel music and at one time was a part of the



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Graveside services for Annie Hurlburt, 77, of Kemp, were held 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008, in King Cemetery under the direction of Tomlinson Funeral Home of Seven Points.
Mrs. Hurlburt died Friday, Nov. 28, 2008, in Malakoff. She was born July 6, 1931, in Aley, Texas, to the late Thomas Hurlburt and Carrie Reed.
She was self employed as a nurses aid.
Mrs. Hurlburt was preceded in death by brothers, Travis Hurlburt, Andrew Hurlburt, Homer Hurlburt, Horton Hurlburt; and grandson, Michael Byler.



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Graveside services for Allah Marie Murphy, 87, of Dallas, were held 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008, with Charles Allen Black officiating and under the direction of Tomlinson Funeral Home.
Mrs. Murphy died Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008, in Dallas. She was born Oct. 3, 1921, in Jones Prairie to the late Charles Black and Minie Blackburn.
She was preceded in death by husband, Ary Joseph Johansen and sister, Dorthy Mae Crook.
Survivors include son, Carl and wife Marsha Johansen; brother, Charles and wife Willie Mae Black; sister, Joyce Faulk; granddaughter, Stephanie and husband Pete Truly; great-grandchildren, Lucas Truly; and nieces and nephews.