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The Henderson County Black History Committee held its annual candlelight event in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday night at New Hope Corinth CME Church in Malakoff. The guest speaker was the Rev. Marcus Jones of Mt. Providence Baptist Church of Athens, who preached on “turning the world upside down.” The event brought community leaders such as (above from left) the Revs. Joey Baggett, Bill Burton and Derryl Jackson.



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By Michael V. Hannigan

The final 2011 edition of The Malakoff News is on the stands, the traditional time we release the Top 5 Stories of The Year.

I select the stories based on three factors: the number of people impacted, the amount of media coverage, and the amount of discussion generated in the community.

Every year I put together this list, and every year I am amazed at the type of stories that come out of our small community. There are two stories on the list this year that received not only state, but national attention. One was even picked up overseas.

But the top spot didn’t go to either of those stories. Instead, the top story was the resolution of a long-running controversy.


This marks the fifth consecutive year that Malakoff ISD’s Old Rock Building has been on this list, and that in itself makes it worthy of the top spot. There have been more stories written, more arguments between

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By Michael V. Hannigan

I will be posting live updates from the nativity rally on the Henderson County square today on our Facebook page. Please feel free to follow. I probably will not interact as much with readers as I normally do because I am on my phone, but will try and update often.



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A detail of soldiers removes the casket containing the remains of SFC Benny Don Rogers from the wagon that carried him to the grave site in Willow Springs Cemetery Saturday, Nov. 11, 2011. SFC Rogers was listed as MIA from a battlefield during the Korean War in November 1950. His remains were identified just recently. See more photos on The Malakoff News Facebook Page.




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I am so happy. I asked for something in this column, and somebody responded. Jerry Lindamood contacted Pat Isaacson and is going to take charge of setting up the model train room at Malakoff’s Historical Museum. Pat is overjoyed.
This is actually the second good response I’ve got for the museum, which is located in the historic Flagg House. Pat was looking for a picture of Mr. H. L. Flagg, the original owner of the house. Martha Thompson called me, giving me the name of somebody who might have a picture. We had a real nice visit. Turns out that person didn’t have a picture, and Pat still hasn’t found one, so I didn’t really get her any results that time. But it just makes me feel good when somebody tries to do something I ask them to. It doesn’t happen often. Let’s see … Fran Estes found me some guineas. She did something else I requested in this column, and now I forgot what it was, but that makes her my number one reader. Then several people did, at my request, remind my daughter Tina to bring me the goat manure she had promised me. I know there must have been something else through all these years, but I can’t think of it now. Usually you just ignore me.
If I asked you to do something and you did it, please let me know. I want to give you due credit, plus I’d like to think I have some effect in the world.
I’m sorry to say Bingo, Carl’s trouble-prone Shihtzu, didn’t get to keep the eye that got knocked out of its socket when he picked a fight with the little brown dog I’ve been trying to get one of you to adopt, and you haven’t. See



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By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
Rain all around us and in cities with concrete, no earth, but we can’t get any to fall here. We need to take our umbrellas to church to show faith behind our rain prayers.

I’m not ready for years of campaigning. I need to practice or work on my cooking.

Anna Laura Bradley Doubleday has been rewarded with good news recently. Her daughter Lisa Hebrank with the Malakoff School System has earned another degree, with A & M at ETSU, that now lets her elevate her teaching status to Counselor. Then granddaughter Lauren Hebrank, stationed in the western USA with the military, has completed a four-year study with her medical aspirations and has won the Audie Murphy Award.

I’ve been omitting a Trinidad man from the list of military people. He is Jeremy Roden, THS graduate of 2005. He and his wife are in Iraq. His mother is Audrey Lewis of Trinidad.

Jerry Crocker joined the three by-pass club of residents of Trinidad Thursday. He had surgery for his heart in Tyler last Thursday and should be coming home this week early.

Bobbie Wheeler has been transferred to this area for therapy with her illness. She is the sister of Toni Steele.

Norman Lawler has had stress and other tests for his heart in Tyler this past week and is waiting on all the results.

Joe Touchet of Cross Roads and a past resident of Malakoff died last week. When he resided in Malakoff, he was married to Debbie nee Johnston of Trinidad originally. As survivors he leaves two daughters. His service was Friday.

Some are looking forward to a tax-free (sales) weekend August 19-21. Others don’t like the crowds and shop before or after.

A ten-year old on Tempie Road who attends TISD and goes by initials (TJ) was kicked in the face by a horse Thursday night. She was careflighted to Children’s Medical but is now home, awaiting treatment from other doctors in this area. She had a concussion and has at least one injured eye.

Our immediate family and then the family of the other side of grandparents celebrated a graduation ceremony in San Marcos at Texas State of U.T. Granddaughter Rose Dianne Jenkins received her BA degree in education with the special certifications added that will add to her teaching availability.

Jerry Cotton is home and improved after surgery and treatment last week. He has some medical appointments during this week.

Ann Rounsavall was visiting in Trinidad this weekend. She is enjoying her grandchildren.

Rosalee Colvin has been having tests run to check on possible return of her cancer. She has been free from the disease for quite a while.

Football and volleyball schedules are out for THS with scrimmages coming this weekend.

The Blue Diamond Dancers have begun their before-school practice.

When autumn comes with its cooler weather, and one night there is a low full moon while one is watching a football game, life can be really great.

Keep these people in your prayers plus anyone above who needs help: Roberta Staples, Eugene Berry, James Looney, Brancy Reece, Derrell Jenkins, those lonely with family or loved ones, Barbara Thompson, the Pat Holcomb family, David Lohman, Jimmy Williams, Ruby Williams, the Moser Brothers, Bethel Kelly, Raymond Tubbs, Geraldine Stanfield, our veterans in homes of the area, Ginger Frasier, Martha Perry, Christopher Brown, David Finley, our military men and women – Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Louis Stanton, Mikey Warren, Bobby Tinney, Cord Smith, Jeremy and Mrs. Roden, Andre Anderson, Lauren Hebrank who was recently married.



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With students returning to school this week, The Malakoff News Online highlights five new administrators around our coverage area. The profiles below are in each person’s own words. Here’s the lineup:
Monday: MISD Superintendent Randy Perry
Tuesday: MHS Principal Daniel Barton
Wednesday: CRES Principal Cathy Sulak
Thursday: CRJH Principal Julie West
Friday: TISD Superintendent Corey Jenkins

Randy Perry

Age: 52
Family: Married to Brenda for 32 years; son, Sam, 24 years old, just married to Courtney on June 11. Sam is a teacher-coach at Willis High School.
Education: BA, Political Science, 1982, UTA; MA, Education, 2003,also Principal



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We are entering the season when people declare their intention to run for the presidency of The United States. These people appear on programs like “Face the Nation” and answer questions from the host of the show. They answer questions from the audience at Town Hall meetings.
“What are you going to do about jobs?”, “What are you going to do about the deficit