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By David Webb
The News Correspondent
TRINIDAD–Retired Judge Ron Chapman and his wife, Sally, attended President Obama’s Christmas party at the White House Dec. 11, something they “never dreamed about being able to do” in their lifetimes.
“It was amazing,” Sally Chapman said after the couple returned home. “It was so beautiful and elegant. It was so exciting. It was just overwhelming.”
The vision of the lighted Christmas decorations on the first and second floor of the White House continues to thrill her, she said. “It was over the moon,” she said.
She said the best part of the experience though was the “reward” it represented for her husband, a longtime Democratic Party member.
“I was just so happy for him,” she said. “He loved it too.”
The trip came about as a result of a friend of Ron Chapman arranging the invitation. The friend asked the former judge if he would like to receive a Christmas card from President Obama, and he of course replied, “Yes.”
Then he received an e-mail asking for his Social Security number, address and other pertinent personal information in preparation for them attending the Christmas party. The couple, of course, wondered if it might be some sort of Internet scam, rather than a legitimate inquiry from the White House.
“Ron said, ‘Well, if it is a scam, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen,’” his wife said. A call to the judge’s friend revealed it was legitimate.
They received the invitation to the Christmas party about a week prior to their trip to Washington, D.C., and they made reservations to spend five days in the nation’s capital to see all of the historic sights.
Upon their arrival at the White House in the afternoon, it took about an hour for them to get through security. There were about 750 guests in attendance so the Chapmans only got a glimpse of the President and the First Lady, who descended to the second floor from a back staircase to greet the crowd.
The entertainment included the Marine Band, the St. Louis Carolers and an array of food on a 50-foot-long buffet table that offered everything imaginable to eat. President Obama and the First Lady danced during the party.
The Chapmans and other guests were free to roam throughout the first and second floors of the White House. Each room had a Christmas tree designed as a ball gown and a Secret Service guard who answered questions.
“I walked into one room where everything was blue so I said, ‘This must be the Blue Room,’” she said. The Secret Service agent joked back, “You are very observative.”
The rest of the stay in Washington, D.C. proved to be just as thrilling of an experience, she said. They toured the Smithsonian and visited as many national landmarks as they could.
Now, they are back at home, recovering from a bout of the flu, but the memories of their visit to the White House are comforting them through the aches and pains.




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By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
In a week that began with warm weather, now we are seeing drastic changes around us that should bring rain and nothing else, we hope.

When Mary Ellen Lincecum Johnston was buried Saturday morning after complications from a serious stroke, we realized what an asset this 85-year old woman, a life-time resident, had been to our church and community. Married to the late Milburn Johnston, the couple had a daughter who lived only a few days. Then their son David, now middle-aged, lived. He was Mary Ellen’s only close relative. Of course, many attending the funeral service from here and from out of town were cousins

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By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
Remember, the Trinity Baptist Church meets this Saturday, March 24, at 8 a.m. for a Women’s Conference; all women invited. Cost is $15. Mail forms to Trinity Baptist Church; Attn: Maxine Tart; PO Box 505; Trinidad, Texas 75163. Checks paid to Trinity Baptist Church. There will be breakfast, hot lunch and door prices. Afternoon session begins at 1 p.m. Call 903-778-2832

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Posted by : Staff Reports | On : March 16, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
We rejoiced with the rain last weekend. It is welcome to come again soon.

The Trinity Baptist Church will hold a Women’s Seminar or Work Study on Saturday, March 24, $12 before March 10, $15 after that date.
Mail your name to Trinity Baptist Church, Attn: Maxine Tart; PO Box 505; Trinidad, Texas 7163. Checks made to Trinity Baptist (on Highway 274).
Registration and breakfast begins at 8 a.m. with conference

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By Emily Lundy
The News Staff
People are wondering. Will we have more cold weather? If not, will summer be worse than last year’s days of sweat, agony, tears, high electrical bills?

Someone has said those dreadful words about time. Day-light Savings Time may occur next Saturday night. I am not sure. I may not change a clock.
What this time change does to ordinary people past 70 is not pretty.

Mary Ellen Johnston of Trinidad has been home several

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Posted by : Staff Reports | On : February 17, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The news
We’ve been enjoying more rain; it is always welcome, the wet stuff in any form. As a child, we always had a barrel to catch rain in as it fell. It seems this was used for washing hair, maybe with a vinegar/water rinse or lemon with water. Never did we wash our hair nightly.

Barbara Wier has left Trinidad, now in Denver for tests on her thyroid and surgery on her throat. I called her the day she left and she answered

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Posted by : Staff Reports | On : February 3, 2012

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) conducted its bi-annual realignment Thursday. Here’s where area schools landed:


Football (Div. I, District 7-2A): Malakoff, Eustace, Grand Saline, Kemp, Lone Oak, Quitman, Winnsboro.
Basketball (Div. I, District 13-2A): Malakoff, Dallas Faith Family, Dallas Life Oak Cliff, Eustace, Kemp, Palmer, Red Oak Life, Scurry-Rosser

Cross Roads

Football (Div. I, District 6-1A): Cross Roads, Cayuga, Dallas Gateway, Italy, Itasca, Kerens
Basketball (Div. I, District 18-1A): Cross Roads, Cayuga, Hubbard, Kerens, Wortham


Football (Div. I, District 16-6man): Trinidad, Calvert, Karnack, Milford
Basketball (Div II, District 23-1A): Trinidad, Campbell, Cumby Miller Grove, Fruitvale, Yantis



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By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
Let the rain come at any time.

Cleda Freeman, 77, a former high school teacher in Trinidad along with her husband Billy, has died in Arkansas. The Freemans left Trinidad approximately 30 or more years ago for the ministry. Billy became a pastor with Cleda working by his side. She was a passionate student of the Bible. Cleda is survived by her husband of 60 years and three children: Carrolyn Tucker

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Posted by : Press release | On : January 20, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
When it gets colder, the less I want to leave my nest. Some say we’ll see snow and sleet before spring.

A few are saying taking cinnamon tablets daily is lowering or eliminating their diabetes. Cranberry tablets are out in pill form to fight urinary infections.
Other better-health wannabes are not buying anything with added chemicals or additives of any kind.

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Posted by : Staff Reports | On : January 13, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
A popular topic again is the weather. We awake and wonder what the outside will reveal. Rain is the favorite!

There’s a coughing virus going around our community. Hoarseness, even nausea, can accompany this malady. Remember Vick’s Salve? Get it out for use – some say coat the feet on it and sleep with socks. One friend spent Christmas Day in his bed, too ill to eat or think about gifts.

News has come that Roberta Staples died in early December in a nursing home. Once

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