Answer for FFRF: No

Posted by : admin | On : October 25, 2012

By Michael V. Hannigan, The News Staff

ATHENS — A decision has been made.

Henderson County Judge Richard Sanders told the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) on Wednesday that its request to place a banner on the Courthouse Square has been denied.

The decision came as The News was going to press, so details were limited.

“Henderson County’s decision to deny our permit is appalling,” FFRF Co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor told The News Wednesday. “County officials have continually given FFRF the run-around in an attempt to stonewall our application which they had no intention of approving. Using government power to promote religion and hinder criticism of religion is tyrannical, and is precisely what our secular Constitution prohibits.”

The FFRF is the Wisconsin-based organization that demanded the county remove a nativity scene from the Christmas decorations on the courthouse lawn last December. Later, the foundation shifted its focus from removing the nativity to allowing one of its banners.


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  1. Bruce in Orlando said on 27-10-2012

    The FFRF is not a group of hopeful dreamers making wishes. They have a bunch of lawyers who specialize in this issue.

    The request from FFRF for the poster was a tactic to establish the second leg of a legal case. Kind of like saying I have an anvil hanging from a rope, please stand here – and Henderson County complied! What a bunch of rubes. Get ready for the headache!

    Where the heck is the county attorney in all this? Has he/she not heard of case law and precedent?

    Anyway, here is what is next. The Liberty Institute, ACLJ, or Thomas Moore Law Center will offer free representation. The county will accept thinking that is a no lose situation. The county will lose this obvious case. And, guess what, the county will have to pay FFRF’s attorneys.

    Enjoy your expensive lesson in constitutional law. Served up by a group who lives for this.

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  3. Pam Jones said on 25-10-2012

    I would like to say Thank you to the Judge. It is CHRISTMAS not any of that other things. Please don’t take that away from me and my family.

    • skeptic4321 said on 25-10-2012

      You and your family can celebrate Christmas in your home and church, and that is, and always will be, protected under our current Constitution and laws (even though Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of a supposed “savior”/”son of god” who served as vicarious redemption via human sacrifice predicated on animal sacrifice – utter nonsense, imo). But OUR government should not give the appearance of favoritism or endorsement of YOUR Bronze Age mythology over other mythologies/religions or no mythology at all.