Eustace reports case of West Nile

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : August 17, 2012

From Staff Reports

EUSTACE — The City of Eustace reported to the Texas Department of State Health Services a single case of West Nile Virus this week. The case was initially reported on Monday. The person did not require medical treatment at the time of the report, according to a city press release.

According to state sources, the case marks the first to be reported in Henderson County in 2012.

“Eighty percent of people with West Nile virus show no symptoms. However, in a small percentage (less than 1 percent), symptoms can become severe. We are asking everyone to be diligent in containing the spread of this virus in the area,” said Mayor Elicia Sanders. 

“The virus is not transferred through human contact. It is primarily through mosquitoes. The best preventive step is to search your property for any containers that might hold standing water and empty them. That is where the mosquitoes like to breed,” she said. “For those with outdoor pets, refresh the water in your animals’ water dishes regularly.”

People are also urged to wear long sleeves and long pants when they are outside, to avoid going outside during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active and to use insect repellent.

The mayor reminded residents this single case is nothing like the outbreaks seen in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In Dallas County there have been hundreds of cases and 10 deaths from the disease. The Dallas Morning News called it “the worst outbreak of West Nile virus in the nation this year, and one of the worst outbreaks since the virus was first identified in the United States in 1999.”

Officials in Eustace anyone who has been bitten by a mosquito and feels ill to seek medical attention. A basic information sheet about West Nile in Texas can be found on the Texas Department of State Health Services website, or may be picked up at Eustace City Hall.

“If we all do our part, search our own properties and take basic precautions, then there is hopefully nothing to be concerned about,” she said. “It just takes a little work and awareness to keep our area safe.”

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  1. John J. Rigo said on 06-11-2012

    Beside cleaning up standing water; let us clean up crime in Eustace, Texas.

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    • Robert said on 01-09-2012

      Spray, spray and then spray some more. I have tried to eliminate all standing water on and around my property, however there are some instances like in old tires for one that are hard to fully eliminate all the water. I know that spraying standing water with oil is one way to eliminate mosquito larve, but what kind of oil ?