Trinidad Tales 4-6-2012

Posted by : Press release | On : April 6, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
In a week that began with warm weather, now we are seeing drastic changes around us that should bring rain and nothing else, we hope.

When Mary Ellen Lincecum Johnston was buried Saturday morning after complications from a serious stroke, we realized what an asset this 85-year old woman, a life-time resident, had been to our church and community. Married to the late Milburn Johnston, the couple had a daughter who lived only a few days. Then their son David, now middle-aged, lived. He was Mary Ellen’s only close relative. Of course, many attending the funeral service from here and from out of town were cousins of David because Johnston was one of the early names in Trinidad. Mary Jane Stanfield was a Johnston making her descendants kin as well as the Bradleys and others. Mary Ellen was honored at her service by the ETMC Auxiliary members or volunteers of which she was one. Mary Ellen will be missed greatly.

Barbara Wier is making strong progress from therapy following her hip replacement surgery in Denver. The surgery was a new type, one that cut vertically, not damaging nerves and muscles which make for a quicker recovery.

Evelyn Beavers has fallen twice recently but did not sustain injury. She is one strong person of character and perseverance moving here into one son’s lake home. She no longer gets out wearing her hats, but she has home health.

So far, James Looney has belied his doctors’ prognosis for his condition and has been making cat fish head soup. Neighbors have been recipients and are singing the praises for this Louisiana delicacy.

The Trojans played a double hitter, winning one and losing the other. I don’t know scores.

Billie Jackson, who learned last September she had a digestion problem has still not had her surgery. She is sick off and on. Then she has had infections and complications limiting her activities as she continues to live normally. She is scheduled for surgery in late April but has now broken out in spots indicating a reaction to medicine prescribed.

The tornadoes in Dallas and surrounding areas are unbelievable. We never know how far south or east they will go or form from another cloud group to strike again.

Remember our ill: Carolyn Stevenson, Sue Allen, Rosalee and Richard Colvin, Joe and Lawrence Moser, Jerry Cotton, Winston Thornburg, Geraldine Stanfield, Ruby Williams, Bessie Hildred Cartlidge, Ginger Frasier, Martha Perry, Glenn Tubbs, Raymond Tubbs, Bethel Tubbs Kelly, Billie Taaffe, and our soldiers: Jonathan Crocker, Tyler Norris, Miles Norris, Mikey Warren, Andre Anderson, Darrell Mobley, Billy Collins, Jeremy Roden, Lauren Hebrank and husband David, and all our veterans, of any age, any condition. We owe them so much. God bless you. God bless America.

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  1. Susan Bradley Newman said on 21-05-2012

    Need your help. Ann Rounsavall said she wrote an article about Onclo Airheart in the Malakoff News years ago. He’s buried in Trinidad, you know. Anyway, I desperate need a copy of that and she can’t find hers. I’m going with the Brookshire’s WW II Heroes Flight leaving May 31 and I so wanted to have that story. Can you find it? Also, anything on Johnnie Belle’s husband, Coy Martin? longest held prisoner of war? Thanks, Stanley Bradley’s little sister, Susie