Accident sends car to bottom of ditch

Posted by : Press release | On : April 6, 2012

By Emily Lundy

I make the news list this week as Sunday on the way to church, I took a less traveled road to deliver a newspaper article to someone. I decided to continue my route as I like new landscape, slowly went around a curve, and let my front left tire slip off an obscured culvert in all the foliage. The ditch below was quite deep. Before I realized what was happening, my new car slowly it seemed kept slipping, stopping when the top of the car was at the bottom of the ravine.

I thought I might be hidden, and no one would come this way for a long time. With everything falling from the bottom to the top, I tried to get my key out of the ignition to use my panic button. Confusion took over; even left and right have never been my friends.

Finally the key came out, and I heard a woman screaming behind me as I pushed some buttons. I could even open the trunk for an escape route. The front windshield was crushed, but my seat belt had kept me tightly against the back of the seat. I began gathering what I could as rescue help in front and behind me. I opened my front door which let me out partly; a new person in town pulled me to standing position. I didn’t choose to go to the hospital. The Fire Chief took me home. All day I felt physically fine and lucky. But the next day the mental part hit me. For the second time in years I had wrecked a pretty car we had not even made the first payment on. I wanted to go somewhere and cry, still do. With all my other blunders, I have became a high maintenance mom and wife.

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  1. Ann Stanfield Graham said on 02-05-2012

    Yep, Emily GAIL Stanfield Lundy is my first cousin. Our Dads, two of the Stanfield boys born in trinidad to Mary Jane & Samuel. I lived my entire life in Houston except for the month after I was born at Killman Hospital in Malakoff. My Mother Cindy Day & Sammy Stanfield married on Christmas Day 1940 & moved to Houston. As Emily and I grew up we became best friends as well as cousins. Uncle Otis & Juanita lived next door to our grandparents. There were 10 kids, their spouses and 22 Grandchildren scattered around in the yard every Holiday. My Dad 6’4″ was by far the tallest and best looking of the boys. Gails Daddy was not too tall but smart. Jerry Wayne was the most well-known Stanfied cousin & pretty darn cute. I got my first kiss on Gails front porch after driving around town talking about stealing some watermelons. My aunt Juanita taught me to sew while Emily was reading or playing Monoply with the neighbor kids.My Mother had 9 sisters-in-law and a Mother- in- law and I never heard her say a bad thing about any of them. To celebrate Mothers Day I want to remember all the wonderful Aunts Gail and I shared. Each one left us with some wonderful legacies memories and lots of laughs. Gerldine Stanfield died this week and I am so sad. most of them are gone. First all the brothers and then the women. Well, that can mean only one thing darling Emily, you and I are now at the head of the class.I love you. By the way I have a grandson, Samuel Bryant named for his GrandFather and Great Grandfather neither of whom he ever met. I show him pictures of Grandaddy on his white stallion but it is not the same. Happy Mothers Day to all.
    Ann Stanfield Graham

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