Mother Nature bites back this week

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : March 30, 2012

By Loretta Humble

I love my little place in the country. It is especially great to be near to nature in the spring, planting flowers and watching little animals.

But this week nature has not been very nice to me. First, I got hassled by a wild calico pig. Really. He first showed up at my granddaughter Shanna’s place, where he tried to climb up on her front porch. When he headed my way, she called to warn me. That gave me time to call the puppies in and lock the doggie door before he arrived, which didn’t take long. He was big and he was calico colored, just like a calico cat. He poked around the house, nosing in my compost bucket, acting like he owned the place. He tried to come up on my porch too, but Gus, a neighbor’s giant cocker spaniel, tried to run him off. I don’t know whether the hog scared him or hurt him, but he let out a big yelp. I wanted to bring him in to safety, but my dogs kept trying to get out when I opened the door. Finally the pig ambled off. When Carl came in from bowling, he got a gun and flashlight and went looking for him, but he was long gone by then. The dogs are outside barking as I write this. I hope not at the hog.

I escaped the hog unscathed, but with the poison ivy, not so much. I know what it does to me and usually avoid it, but JoAnn Surls gave me a whole bunch more plants, and I wanted to get them in the ground. Digging the holes for them, I must have got hold of some roots, then scratched my ear, and the side of my face and the back of my neck. I woke up about 4:00 this morning itching like crazy. I knew I was going to need big medicine to treat it, and I had to sit itching in the doctor’s waiting room all morning to get a shot of steroids.
Right now I’m zonked out on Benadryl which helps the itching somewhat, but puts a real damper on writing an interesting column.

Actually, it was nicer in town this week. A bunch of us from Cedar Lake Nursing Services went over to Kerens and had dinner with the Lions and listened to Lila Berry tell them about Hospice. This came about as a direct result of my locking my purse and their keys in the building where the Kerens Library had their book sale. In the process of that mess straightened out I met and became friends with Sharon Marrs, who is a Lion as well as a library volunteer. We had a real good time.

Then my sister Mary and I got to go to the Methodist Ladies Tea Party on Saturday, as guests of my niece Bernice, a member there.

Everybody was supposed to bring a teacup and go home with a different one. Bernice even furnished our cups. Katherine Owen gave us a demonstration of how the English drink their tea, and a couple sang and did comic impressions. The food was fantastic and the company was great. We gave Bernice our cups, so she’ll have some to bring for us next year if she treats us again.

I know this is not much of a column. I can’t help it. Blame the Benadryl.