Trinidad Tales 3-23-2012

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : March 23, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
Remember, the Trinity Baptist Church meets this Saturday, March 24, at 8 a.m. for a Women’s Conference; all women invited. Cost is $15. Mail forms to Trinity Baptist Church; Attn: Maxine Tart; PO Box 505; Trinidad, Texas 75163. Checks paid to Trinity Baptist Church. There will be breakfast, hot lunch and door prices. Afternoon session begins at 1 p.m. Call 903-778-2832 for information or 903-477-1474.

Spring took people away. Trinidad seemed lonely.

Baseball games this week for high school boys.

Businessman Glenn Sodd’s daughter had twins last week, a boy and a girl.

We rejoiced with the rain last weekend. It is welcome to come again soon.

Mary Ellen Johnston is now in the Cedar Lake Nursing Home , 1611 West Royal, Malakoff, 75148. She is more alert than previously but has much to relearn.

Adrian Parks, Class of THS 1958, is in Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, with hospice, and is awaiting time as he has a living will which calls for no means to keep him alive. He has been in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. Eugene, Janice, and Judy are his siblings. He married Rosa, a teacher here, in the 1960’s. They have two grown daughters and have helped many young people in the extended family. Adrian tried to make every homecoming possible. He sent his daughters and their husbands to college and maybe others. He is 72 or 73.

Barbara Wier remains in Colorado with her daughter, undergoing therapy for walking improvement and is doing well.

Billie Jackson will know more about her imminent surgery this week.

On our prayer list are Sue Allen, Ginger Frasier, Evelyn Beaver, Dot Meadow’s mother, V. Combs, Martha Perry, Jerry Cotton, Winston Thornburg, Raymond Tubbs, James Looney, Billie Taaffe, Don Wilbanks, Deanna Heickman, Geraldine Stanfield, Pauline nee Smalling, Ruby Williams, Avon Lane, Carol Ann Stevenson, Vicki Looney’s mother Helen, Rosalee Colvin and now her husband Richard Colvin, Hildred Bessie Cartlidge, Minnie Morgan,Wretha Barfoot, Mary Ellen Johnston, Adrian Parks and family, any others I have not listed.

Then there are our men and women in service: Lauren Hebrank and husband David who will be sent to different assignments and cannot be together, Jeremy Roden and wife, Cord Smith, Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Louis Stanton, and another relative of the Stantons, Andre Anderson, Jonathan Crocker, Mikey Warren, Darrell Mobley, Billy Collins, and I need help with corrected list and the right names. (90-778-4173) We sympathize with these people and their often rough accommodations. We love them, knowing them or not because of who they are.
Remember our veterans, wherever they are, whatever war they were in, whatever condition they are in. They have kept America strong until now.