Looking for a way to lose that weight

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : March 23, 2012

By Emily Lundy

When is a woman ever old enough to quit the dieting game? At my age I read it’s better to be padded rather than bony because of falls and illnesses.

But no one reveals how much padding one needs. I’m shrinking in stature as I write this, but my weight is the same. I still recall the image of my husband saying one day I’d be a pancake.

I’ve read every new attempt at losing weight to be healthy until my confusion is overlapping like my body. For over ten years, I’ve eaten brown bread, not white. All I have to show for it is a wheat belly or two. That 2 percent milk I insist on drinking made an expert say this was almost a joke as the actual difference among the milk sold as a certain percent is quite minimal. And I am one hefty milk drinker. My family always was and is. Today I’ve read the miracle foods that drain fat from the body. This is quite exciting but few of the food items listed are really good all together or one at a time.

A real solution could be the disconnection of taste buds in the mouth. In the afternoon, I don’t have just a sweet tooth, but every part of my digestive section seems to cry out for something sugary. Diet sugary even, but is it really as effective as it should be. So I like peanut butter. But I dip it into artificial brown sugar and sometime those prickles of nuts, praline and anything tasting good.

I see my reflection from the side, always checking it before I go out. I could weep, and that makes me hungry. If possible, I grab a jacket, but more and more I see women my age not daring to cover any body view, maybe pushing one of the stomachs forward a bit. Are they at that age I need to know about? I’m tired.

Almost everything that can be fat free fills my pantry and refrigerator. I’m drinking more water and notice I’ll drink it more often from one of those bottled portions we are not suppose to use over and over.

My daughter up the road is my main adversary other than my spouse, but this middle child has her own technique without actually saying “fat.” She asked me if I should be dropping pounds because of my age. How would I know. Some older women do lose weight; some stay approximately the same in scale readouts but change shape; others get bigger. Then the two of us, my kid and I, alike in many ways except for overeating discuss television commercials about weight loss. We both decided against any kind of surgery. We’re leaning toward noon-time lip-o-suction which we do not know how to pronounce. This summer is our target date.

We’ll drive up to see a place and its people, then find out the cost, the pay-out-system advertised, the recovery time, and go from there. We’re both excited and afraid. Our husbands are against this, but mine is my daughter’s dad, giving her an edge on understanding. I want to lose stomach material. She wants cosmetic withdrawal from her upper legs. She is not overweight yet, but she has more below than above whereas I am well-proportioned in fat. She would like some fat of mine in another place higher up, but I think the cost will be for one donation each. Besides, I obviously have hormonal and non-control problems. Unless my daughter is cooking a three-course dinner late in the night for herself only, she tells the truth, living on salads, smaller portions, etc.

I hope I haven’t passed the weight gene (?) down to my children. One son and I resemble each other in many ways. We weigh the same or did. I may be over the limit which will send me to bed with a sack of something to eat that doesn’t crumble.

Big D – we’re on our way to drop off some fat. Oh, I bet this is supposed to be a secret. Well, surely, no one will come to us and ask. Surely.

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  1. Kathy Booker said on 23-03-2012

    I understand your pain. Check out my blogsite