Trinidad Tales 3-16-12

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : March 16, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
We rejoiced with the rain last weekend. It is welcome to come again soon.

The Trinity Baptist Church will hold a Women’s Seminar or Work Study on Saturday, March 24, $12 before March 10, $15 after that date.
Mail your name to Trinity Baptist Church, Attn: Maxine Tart; PO Box 505; Trinidad, Texas 7163. Checks made to Trinity Baptist (on Highway 274).
Registration and breakfast begins at 8 a.m. with conference beginning at 9 a.m. Hot lunch served by church men at noon. Afternoon session begins around 9. Door prizes given away during lunch break. For more information, call Maxine Tart 903-477-1474; Betty Lee 903-778-2832; Claudine Hoover 903 778-2411.

Mary Ellen Johnson will be having weeks of therapy following last week’s stroke which caused some damage that can be overcome with therapy. She will be moved from ETMC most likely to a rehab-nursing center soon.

Beth Parker returns this week from a trip to Missouri to see a granddaughter in college at University of Missouri. Beth traveled with daughter-in-law, Mitzy, married to Mike Parker of the metroplex.

Billie Jackson’s surgery has been delayed because of a diagnosed infection in the kidneys. Now she hopes to have surgery before the end of March.

Barbara Wier’s hip procedure went fine. I don’t think she ever remembers feeling no pain when she walked. She had stomach problems a short time afterward her hip treatment but hopes to be on the recovery and return to this home before the end of March.

Watch the gospel advertising for singing groups near us. On the way to bigger audiences they offer stop in small towns to perform. Tickets are for sale, and I haven’t heard a bad program yet. How lucky we are to visit these people.

The elder Looneys are to be great-grandparents or grandparents again. We may get a boy and girl as grandchildren or step-grandchildren, but I’ll treat them as the same. They already call us Ganny and Pawpaw. I heard cute names last week–Gamp and Gampus.

When a granddaughter doesn’t call about a package, I assume she received it and doesn’t like the gift. The deed is to give the shoes to someone who could use them or whatever the gift is. I’ve never minded almost-new hand-me-downs.

My daughters and one daughter-law can wear my size in shoes. Only one granddaughter can. The others have larger feet. They laugh at my styles, too, which doesn’t bother me. Usually, I’m wearing what doesn’t hurt.

All the cars parked around the Methodist Church Saturday afternoon were for a surprise birthday party for Kay Stanfield, who was much surprised as she was told there was a party for another person leaving for Europe; he has a large family. Kay says this was her first birthday – the Big 60. The family served hamburgers and special treats, of course the big cake, and chocolate covered strawberries or striped covered strawberries, on large, perfectly ripened berries. Gifts were serious and funny. Kay has many friends and relatives. It will be so nice to have her and her family back “home” again.

On our prayer list are Bethel Kelly and her nephew, Sue Allen, Ginger Frasier, Evelyn Beaver, Dot Meadow’s mother, V. Combs, Martha Perry, Jerry Cotton, Winston Thornburg, Joe Moser, Lawrence Moser, Barbara Thompson, David Lohman, James Looney, Billie Taaffe, Don Wilbanks, Deanna Heickman, Barry Bryson, Geraldine Stanfield, Pauline nee Smalling, Ruby Williams, Avon Lane, Carol Ann Steveson, Raymond Tubbs, Vicki Looney’s mother Helen, Rosalee Colvin, Minnie Morgan Richard Colvin, Hildred Bessie Cartlidge, Wretha Barfoot, Mary Ellen Johnston Morgan, Christopher Brown, any others I have not listed.

Then there are our men and women in service: Lauren Hebrank and husband David who will be sent to different assignments and cannot be together, Jeremy Roden and wife, Cord Smith, Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Andre Anderson, Jonathan Crocker, Mikey Warren, Darrell Mobley, Billy Collins, and I need help with corrected list and the right names. (90-78-417) We sympathize with these people and their often rough accommodations. We love them, knowing them or not because of who they are.

Remember our veterans, wherever they are, whatever war they were in, whatever condition they are in. They have kept America strong until now.