Letters: Tax program could move

Posted by : Press release | On : March 16, 2012

Dear Editor,
I am one of the AARP volunteers who help to prepare tax returns for senior citizens and others at the Community Center in Malakoff. This program has been operated in Malakoff for several years during the months before taxes are due in April. Many people have benefited from this service.
Now Malakoff is likely to lose this program because the Community Center is lacking internet service. The addition of this service would be relatively inexpensive, probably less that $200 a year. Malakoff citizens have been saved many times that amount with the tax program. And internet service could be a benefit to citizens at other times of the year.
Mr. Gilbert Betts has been the leader of the Volunteer Tax Program in Malakoff. He asked to present his request for internet service at the Community Center to the City Council to explain the benefits to the citizens. Apparently the City Council refused to listen to his request. He was denied a place on the agenda for the council meeting.
It seems to me that the City Council should at least listen to the presentation. I know of some of those who have benefited from this program who would appear with him to express their interest.
I hope the citizens of Malakoff will let the City Council know if they want to keep this valuable program in this town.
Ann White