It’s raining and the weather is beautiful

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : March 16, 2012

This wonderful rain we’ve been having is a mixed blessing for some of us. The big flat roof at Cedar Lake Nursing Services is leaking. We’ve been fixing at it for several years now. We’ll get the leak stopped for a while, then it starts again. Now when we leave we cover one desk with a tarp, and have a bunch of buckets sitting around where we know it leaks. We’ve finally given up on half measures and are going to have to get something like a big swimming pool fitted over the whole top of the building. But it takes time to find the right person to do it, and then for the weather to get just right. Or we just work around our tarps and buckets.

Also, that same rain is washing out some culverts in the road on the way to the back of my place. Billy Quinn came down this morning and took a look at the situation. He said he could fix it if I’d get me another culvert. Do you know where I can get one? It needs to be about 16 ft. long and 24 to 36 in. wide.

And it may have helped my new baby fish escape when the pond across from the house overflowed.

But how lovely the rain sounds on the tin roof of the back porch outside my bedroom.
And how very beautiful the world is right now! What a wonderful time to plant things! The daffodils I planted just a couple of months ago are putting on an amazing show. I went out with the Garden Club ladies and got me some great plants, including a big healthy fig tree, some rosemary plants, a yellow climbing rose, a bunch of spireas and some other stuff that I’m planting tomorrow. I’ve had tomatoes and onions growing in the garden for two or three weeks, thanks to Carl’s son, Kelly. Today I picked up jalapenos and bell peppers and a few more tomatoes. Pretty soon I’ll go back for zucchini and yellow squash.
Kelly nearly has my garden fence rebuilt. I don’t need it until okra time. Last year the rabbit totally wiped out my okra crop, but this year he or she is not going to have a chance at it.

The poke salad started peeking out early this year. I cooked a mess a week ago. It was wonderful– it is the very best when it is young and tender. All this rain will make it grow like crazy.

I’m going out to JoAnn Surls’ house this week to dig up some more plants she is giving me. She says this is perfect planting and transplanting time, and that this looks like the best year for growing things since I’ve been trying to garden.

It’s a perfect time for walking in the woods, too. The violets are out. I went looking for them , just like I have done in these very woods for seventy years now. They’ve never disappointed me.