Trinidad Tales 3-9-12

Posted by : Press release | On : March 8, 2012

By Emily Lundy
The News Staff
People are wondering. Will we have more cold weather? If not, will summer be worse than last year’s days of sweat, agony, tears, high electrical bills?

Someone has said those dreadful words about time. Day-light Savings Time may occur next Saturday night. I am not sure. I may not change a clock.
What this time change does to ordinary people past 70 is not pretty.

Mary Ellen Johnston of Trinidad has been home several days, told not to drive and is resting. She did not get a pacemaker.

Barbara Wier will have a hip correction on Wednesday and has to be sterile minded about clothing, towels and everything before the procedure, some new way of fixing a hip problem without surgery. Next in for surgery will be Billie Jackson for colon problems. This will probably be in the week of March 12.

The Blue Diamond performers of young girls directed by Kelli Stanfield and Julia Airheart went to San Antonio for a competition with other high kickers and dancers from across the state. Almost 15 cars were seen leaving Trinidad with their precious cargo of girls. One of the dads drove a truck for equipment and baggage. Arriving back Sunday, the performers (middle school mostly) have many accolades.

Mabel Graham is having physical therapy on her legs. Sometime the legs don’t want to work. Mabel is an aunt to Sandy Lohman and her sisters. Mabel always comes back to Trinidad to live but has tried at times being nearer her daughter. Trinidad is home.

Yesterday I found an earlier paper with Mary Reppond’s article enclosed. I read it again and really do miss her and her keen words.

Remember our veterans and try to do something nice for one this week, especially someone in a nursing home.

On our prayer list are Bethel Kelly and her nephew, Sue Allen, Dorothy Lundy, Ginger Frasier, Evelyn Beaver, Dot Meadow’s mother, Martha Perry, Jerry Cotton, Winston Thornburg, Joe Moser, Lawrence Moser, Barbara Thompson, David Lohman, James Looney, Billie Taaffe, Don Wilbanks, Deanna Heickman, Barry Bryson, Geraldine Stanfield, Pauline nee Smalling, Ruby Williams, Avon Lane, Carol Ann Steveson, Raymond Tubbs, Vicki Looney’s mother Helen, Rosalee Colvin, Richard Colvin,Hildred Bessie Cartlidge, Wretha Barfoot, Minnie Morgan, Christopher Brown, Guy Monroe, and anyone I’ve missed.

Then there are our men and women in service: Lauren Hebrank and husband, Jeremy Roden and wife, Cord Smith, Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Andre Andersn, Jonathan Crocker, Mikey Warren, Darrell Mobley, and I need help in straightening out these young people’s names. Not so long ago some of these were kids playing sports and buying cold drinks at a station, laughing and having fun. We ask for God’s blessings on our nation for so many reasons.

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  1. Martha Yates Wright said on 12-03-2012

    The way you know it will not freeze any more , look for a pecan tree, if it is budding out, no more freezing. Also, a mesquite tree if you know where one is located. FYI