Ol’ White Lightning

Posted by : Press release | On : March 8, 2012

By Buddy Hazell

Before we get into this story, let me clear the air. This happened a number of years before I had repented of my sins and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. When I told my wife that I was going to write this, she very emphatically told me, “Don’t you dare write about that, people will think you still do those things.” However, people who know me know better than that. So, here we go:
In the late 1960’s, I was running a Horse Ranch just outside of Tomball. The ranch covered 2,000 acres and was owned by a lawyer in Houston. I had been feeding-out some hogs, and the weather was getting cold, so I made plans to butcher them the next week. I called a good friend, Lloyd, to see if he would be available to help me. He responded with a hardy, “Yes, but let’s make a run to Coldsprings first to get a jug.” He was referring to a gallon of Moonshine, commonly known as ‘White Lightning’.

In the Sam Houston National Forest between Conroe and Livingston lived an elderly woman, who supplementing her retirement check by selling Moonshine. We would pull up to her gate and blow our horn; she would come to the door and say, “What do you boys want blowing that horn like that?” “Momma, we need a jug”, we answered. She would act real mad and say, “You know I don’t fool with that stuff, get on ‘outa’ here”. “We got ten dollars Momma”, we would holler back. She would then say, “One of ya’ll come here and bring me something”. One of us would go the door with a ten dollar bill, hand it to her and she would always say, “Now you boys know I don’t fool with that stuff, but if you will stop at the big Pine tree down yonder at the corner, you might find what ya’ll looking for”. That gallon jug never failed to be there.

Back to the ranch we went, Lloyd’s wife was already there, and had built a fire under the barrel to heat the water to scald the hogs, and my wife had gone to the store. While waiting for the water to boil, we popped the corn-cob on the jug and sipped a little, to pass the time. Lloyd got a wide-mouth quart fruit jar and poured about an inch of our White Lighting into it and gave it to his wife to drink. Now, picture this; to drink from a wide-mouth jar, when you put it to your mouth, your nose would be inside the jar. Lloyd’s wife was not drinking as much as she was inhaling the fumes. The fumes affected her much faster than the liquid, and by the time Lulu got home Lloyd’s wife was higher than a kite in March winds.

When Lulu got out of the car Lloyd’s wife started running toward the car crying, “Lulu, Lulu, look what Lloyd and Buddy did to me”. She fell down two or three times before getting to the car. Lulu got all over Lloyd and me, giving us ‘what for’.

Well, we didn’t kill any hogs that day, but Lloyd and I drank the night away. We woke-up the next morning not feeling very good but we killed, scraped, cleaned and hung three shoats which weighed about 225-250 pounds in a walk-in cooler. A couple of days later, we started cutting the hogs up, hanging the hams and sides up in a smoke-house and putting the rest in freezers. Then we killed a couple of deer to use in sausage and put that in a freezer.

There is a good side of this story; about three years later, God convicted me of my sin and I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. When Jesus came into my life, God removed the desire for alcohol from my life and I have never wanted a drink since. PRAISE THE LORD!!

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  1. Lacey said on 08-03-2012

    Thank you for your transparency. I too am a Christian. And, we all did some pretty stupid things….lol. But, praise God, He has forgotten. Just wish we actually forgot and the rest of the world.