Learning to live with less

Posted by : Press release | On : March 8, 2012

People don’t need nearly as much stuff as they think they do. I finally figured that out, and I’m trying to cut down on my own extra stuff. A lot of us have been talking about this on a Facebook page called Friends encouraging Friends. I’ve been passing on some stuff lately, and it’s been a lot of fun. Maybe this will sound like bragging, but, hey, it’s Monday night and I’ve got to fill a column with something.

One thing I gave away was Pam Jenkins’ drapes. Actually, I guess they were Cedar Lake Nursing Home’s drapes, since Pam gave them to Cedar Lake a couple of years ago. Her house has many wonderful tall windows, and when they bought it those windows were covered with a whole bunch of very high-quality off-white drapes. Pam preferred lots of light, so pulled them down and donated them to Cedar Lake. Cedar Lake folks gratefully took them, but then couldn’t figure out what to do with them. They did keep them safe though, and a couple of weeks ago those drapes found a happy home down at the Malakoff Historical Society in Flagg House. By the time Pat Isaacson, heart of the place, got through snipping and stitching, they proudly grace the windows in the dining room, the front exhibit room, and the train room of the wonderful old house.

I play Words with Friends online with Pam all the time, and I’ve been hinting to her she has made a nice donation lately. I guess I’ll have to tell her before I post this.

A bunch of my stuff is down there with Pam’s drapes. It is on loan, but I don’t really expect to get it back. I love the round oak table we used all the years our kids were growing up. I enjoyed showing the Rotary folks who meet there the little ledge under the table top where my Rotarian son, sometimes hid the “just one bite” of vegetable I required him to take. There is an oak glass front bookcase that always sat near it. I have no room for them in my little house, but I couldn’t part with them. They look at home in the Flagg House. If one day I want them back I can get them, but I’m happy visiting them there. I’ve come to feel the Flagg House is a little bit like my club house and it is fun to make it better. Then Pat Isaacson said she wished she had a sewing machine. I have a good sewing machine, that I keep meaning to use, but never get around to it. So I loaned her my sewing machine. I figure we can pass it back and forth. If I ever get around to needing it. Pat has already used it to fit Pam’s drapes to all those windows.

Then there was a really nice rug that I got in payment for a loan I made. I can’t use it in my house because I don’t trust our dogs to respect it. It is now upstairs at the Flagg House.

But the best thing I’ve done is to let Faith in Action use my building. For at least two years they are going to be doing their good deeds of feeding the hungry and many other community services right across the street from us on Terry Street. I get to watch them as their good works just grow and grow.

I was sitting here wondering if this is too braggy to print, when I took another look. Hmm, the only thing I gave away was Pam Jenkins’ drapes. Other than that, I had a lot of stuff I didn’t know what to do with. Some people have to pay a lot for storage. I got mine free.

I probably could have found someone to rent my building but I’m a terrible landlady, and every time I do it ends up costing me money or heartaches, usually both. This deal is only going to bring me joy. It is the best investment I’ve made in a long time.