Atheist going blind, backs off lawsuit threat

Posted by : admin | On : March 1, 2012

(UPDATE: Please see update at end of story.)

By Michael V. Hannigan
The News Staff

It appears that San Antonio atheist Patrick Greene may be leaving the Henderson County nativity scene controversy as quickly as he entered.

Greene revealed this weekend that he believes he has a detached retina, which he expects will leave him blind in the very near future.
In early February, Greene emailed several county officials promising to sue Henderson County if the traditional nativity scene is displayed on the courthouse lawn this Christmas. But because of his health, he has decided to back away from his threat to sue.

“There is no way for me to go up there if I’m blind,” he said.

He had intended to represent himself in the lawsuit, something he has done multiple times.

Greene said he has no insurance to pay for an operation that might save his sight, and can’t even pay for the exam that will confirm the diagnosis.

“Why waste the money if I can’t do anything about it,” he said.

Greene said several opthamologists and eye clinics all came to the same diagnosis when hearing his symptoms, some of them severe.

Greene was the latest to enter the debate over the nativity scene, which has been displayed on the southeast corner of the courthouse lawn for several years.

In December, A Wisconsin-based atheist group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), demanded the county remove the nativity. The group later shifted its focus to getting an atheist banner displayed alongside the nativity, an effort that is expected to continue in April.

The county declined to remove the nativity, with County Attorney Clint Davis writing, “Henderson County believes that it is in complete compliance with the requirements of the Constitution and acting very much in accord with prior U.S. Supreme Court rulings.”

Greene disagrees, which is not surprising, since this is not the first time he has taken such a stance on a church-state issue. He has a history of activism going back to at least 1998, when he challenged – and changed – the way the city of Ontario, Calif. stored and cared for a series of nativity scenes. He has also twice filed lawsuits against the San Antonio mayor’s office for prayer-related reasons, and has pursued legal action against other entities.

And even though he has taken the lawsuit off the table, Greene took one last shot before concentrating on his health. He filed a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct against County Judge Richard Sanders.

“It is what I call a miniature lawsuit,” he said.

Greene said he hopes that when the commission investigates his complaint, it will see what is going on in the county “and put two and two together.”


UPDATE RE: Comments about helping Mr. Greene.

I spoke with Patrick Greene after this story was published and he sounded pretty overwhelmed and touched that so many people in Henderson County would talk about trying to help him in the comments (and yes, he knows they are pastors and Christians).

I am not sure exactly how to handle this situation, so I’m just going to put this out there …… at first he really wanted to say thanks, but no thanks, because he feels pretty much resigned to the fact that he is going to be blind …. the operation promises to be very expensive and there’s no way to pay for it, and little chance to collect that much money.

The second thing is this: he is very independent and asking for money goes against everything he believes in. But I told him he didn’t ask Henderson County for help, so that wasn’t really an issue.

Finally – Mr. Greene is a veteran, serving 8 years in the Air Force. He is trying to get into a VA program, but isn’t sure if that will happen. If it does happen, he will probably have to do a little traveling to get the medical care he needs, something he didn’t think he’d be able to do …… but that is something those who have talked about collecting money could really help with.

So, he is supposed to hear back from the VA soon — when he knows how that turns out, he’s going to let me know and I will tell you.

On another note … you just really don’t know which way a story is going to turn, do you?

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  3. […] is no way for me to go up there if I’m blind,” said Greene, who lives in San Antonio, nearly 300 miles from the Henderson County courthouse. Greene said he […]

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  8. Jessica Crye said on 16-03-2012

    This is quoted from Patrick Greene’s email to me today:
    “Please tell everyone who contributed what we did with their money.
    Our cat now has enough food until our social security checks arrive.
    We also have enough food until then
    We did not spend any of it on beer or liquor, because not any of us three drink any kind of liquor.
    We did not spend any of it on sports, because all three of us hate sports. Me, my wife and our cat.
    Our cat is very much into bird watching.”

  9. Dave said on 14-03-2012

    Recently I invited a man to visit the church I attend. He stated that he didn’t believe in God, but might attend one day. Based on his statement, I gave him some money, and reported to the church he was a changed man. NOT ! Didn’t really happen to me, but I see a similar happening all across Henderson County.
    Now, let me give you some background. I have been a Christian longer than most posting here have been alive. I have two degrees in Theology, and have pastored churches in three states. I have dealt with people in all walks of life, and have been both blessed and heartbroken by their actions over the years.
    There has been a great movement of God in Henderson County as a result of the Nativity controversy. Men, women, boys, and girls, many of whom had never attended a church came to the rally on the Athens Court House Square. In some cases lives were rededicated to Christ, and some others came to know their Savior for the first time.
    But any time there is a great movement of God there is also a great movement of Satan. Satan will do all within his limited power to block God’s blessing, and stop God’s moving among His people.
    In a recent post I offered to pray for Mr. Greene, but stated I would not be sending money. I stated my reasons based on his public record.
    I was saddened to see that my offer to pray without money was tagged as “hurtful”, and “judgemental.” You see, we can unknowingly be used to stop God’s movement among His people. He has since stirred up argument and disagreement among God’s people.
    I am also saddened to hear that some, more liberal pastors are leading, by word or deed, their congregations to believe a mere promise of some future good deed, such as stringing lights around a plastic, inanimate figure on the Nativity Scene is a sign of a changed life.
    To Mr. Greene…this is the Gospel Truth…wil you confess you are a sinner in need of a Savior, and Jesus Christ, the Son of God is that Savior…that He was born of a virgin and willingly laid down His life on the Cross of Calvary as the atonement for your sin…your personal sin..He was laid in the grave and rose again, ascended to the right hand of the Father, and only by His blood can you have eternal life in the presence of a loving holy God.
    Yes, I have been called a hard man, but I will not be decieved and will not decieve you. This is the only way. I will continue to pray for you, and if you will but ask, I will personally come to San Antonio, take your hand and pray with you
    I will look forward to seeing your answer. Only then will I see evidence of a changed life. Not by empty promises, or heart warming stories, but by your accepting the free gift of God.

    • Lacey said on 14-03-2012

      Dave, I can understand your stance. However, I do not agree at all with it. When Jesus met a sinner, He never made them covert before blessing them, healing them, or whatever they needed. He served them. And, some may not have ever confessed or confessed and not lived their life out for God. When the miracle was performed with loaves and fish, it was not said, “Those of you who believe Jesus is the Son of God….may eat, but those who are here and don’t believe (there may have been some show up b/c they protested it much like we have dealt with our Nativity) may not eat of the food.” Jesus died for us while we were still sinners. I have found myself believing the good in people before and just felt stupid in the end. But, you know what God sees that and it will come back to me somewhere. God could knowingly have you give to someone in need who is not about good just to see if you will be obedient. And, I am not talking about you personally, but just anyone. I put my trust in God. My family has never done without shelter, food, clothing, water, heat, air conditioning, etc. I figure, if we end the day, and they is stuff left over, we had more than we needed. There is a freedom in giving and it is a gift.

  10. Jessica Crye said on 13-03-2012

    .John 8:7 (KJV)
    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    I ask you as Christians to reread the story of Saul in Acts 9. How do you think the Christians felt about Saul’s conversion to Paul. This is what I see here. Please consider that Patrick is seeing God thru you and that God doesn’t judge on past “google” history. I am sure glad that God doesn’t judge on past history or none of us would be Saved. Patrick needs God’s LOVE and our support. If you were in direct contact with him you would see the change that is taking place in him.

    • Cheryl said on 22-03-2012

      Jessica, How can I help? I would like to donate but I don’t know where to take the money or to send it to. Thank you.

      • Jessica Crye said on 23-03-2012

        If you would like to help, you can send donations to Sand Springs Baptist Church at 1212 FM 1616, Athens, Tx. 75751

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  12. […] Learn more: There’s not really a story on this yet; instead it is all playing out in the comments section of The Malakoff […]

  13. Patrick Greene said on 09-03-2012

    My wife and I would like to share the heartwarming story of our cat Big Boy with all of you. It is a story of love and devotion.
    Big Boy is a very large cat, all black, and who has an emotional problem where he will remain mentally a kitten all his life. He has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    We met him 5 years ago, when he arrived on our back porch very skinny and scared of everything. We began putting out dry cat food and water for him, and he used our back porch for protection from the outside world. He tried to live with us 3 times, by coming into our apartment and laying down, but we could not afford the pet deposit of $300.00, so we picked him up and put him outside. He did NOT like this and he hissed a lot when we did this.
    One day I went out to the back porch and sat down on the patio chair. He came walking through the guard rails and sat down on the cement beside me. I looked down at him and said; “Hi”. He meowed at me and I said; “Do you have a problem?”. He then did something that totally shocked me. He jumped up high and landed on my chest. He then put his mouth directly on my shirt and his tongue began to go in and out very fast………like he was suckling on his mother. He also began to purr very fast and very loud. I did not have any idea what he was doing or why. I called my wife and asked her to go to the computer and find out what he is doing. 10 minutes later, after he had changed places on my chest 4 times, my wife came out and said he was taken away from his mother much too soon, and he was suckling, because he had adopted me as his surrogate mother. I said I was gratified I did not have to get pregnant for this. His saliva was all over my shirt. My wife said the saliva would come out in the wash…………………………..Guess what???…………Cat saliva does not come out in the wash.
    From that day I would come home from work, go into the bedroom to watch a movie, and eventually my wife would open the door of the bedroom and say; “There is a young boy outside on the porch who wants to see you.” I would immediately go to the door and he would look up at me like I was a giant………..and meow……….and I said; “O.K. I will sit down.” He would then jump up very high and land on my chest and began suckling. By the time he would finish, and change places 4 or 5 times, there would be saliva stains all over my shirt.
    One day my wife and I were standing up in the living room and talking, and he came to the sliding screen door, put his front paws on it, and slid the door open and walked in. He looked at us, meowed, and went to the bed and curled up and went to sleep. My wife said; “Looks like we have a new member of the family.” While he was asleep I went to the store and bought cat litter, a litter pan, and lots of wet and dry cat food. We already had some dry cat food to feed all the strays in the neighborhood.
    The veterinarian told us that, because he had chewed his fur off his stomach, he had OCD. We did not know an animal got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The doctor said he would either stop suckling on my chest by the time he was an adult…………….or he would never stop, because he went through so much trauma as a kitten. Apparently I was the only one who allowed Big Boy to suckle on my chest. The doctor asked me why I allowed him to suckle……………I said; “He was purring so loud and so much, it was obvious that he was secure and happy”.
    How could I not let him suckles when he was obviously so happy and content. My wife called him “Big Boy” because of the size of his paws.
    He is now 5-6 years old………..and YES…………he still suckles on both our chests. He always will.
    that is the story of Big Boy………the most intelligent cat we have ever met.
    He has a very different meow for wanting snacks…………food……….and wanting to out to the porch and lay in the sun.

    • Dave said on 09-03-2012

      Mr. Greene, I took the liberty to “Google” your name and found some very interesting articles about you and your many lawsuits. It would appear you have made quite a career across the entire United States bringing lawsuits for every thing from octopuses to Nativity Scenes. What a shame you are loosing your sight, and you are in my prayers daily. However you will not be in my billfold. I am a Christian and have been for most of my 61 years. Jesus Himself said “Not everyone that says Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven.” While it is true you did not ask anyone for money, it is obvious you have played this game long enough to know the end result. Good luck with your eye tests, and I certainly hope the hours you spend reading and writing these many E-mails will not do further damage.

      • Patrick Greene said on 11-03-2012

        You could not be more wrong.

        • Jessica Crye said on 11-03-2012

          I am sorry Patrick for Dave’s words. I do not want you to be hurt by judgemental comments. Our hearts are hurting and rejoicing for you all at once for you and Karen.

        • Patrick Greene said on 12-03-2012

          Thank you Jessica. Dave gives has the idea that I find fun
          and profit from filing lots of lawsuits. Which means he has not the
          slightest clue as to the reasons for those actions.

      • tonya carnes said on 12-03-2012

        I could not agree more with Dave.

        • Patrick Greene said on 12-03-2012

          How would you feel if you were watching a hockey game and
          the man who operates the machine that smoothes out the ice,
          tied two dead dogs or cats together, and swung them over his head
          to celebrate the game? Would that be offensive to you? I would
          wager that a sight like that would offend 99% of the American public.
          Before you go chastising someone, you should gather the facts.
          That is what a “good” christian does.

          • Jessica Crye said on 13-03-2012

            .John 8:7 (KJV)
            So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

            I ask you as Christians to reread the story of Saul in Acts 9. How do you think the Christians felt about Saul’s conversion to Paul. This is what I see here. Please consider that Patrick is seeing God thru you and that God doesn’t judge on past “google” history. I am sure glad that God doesn’t judge on past history or none of us would be Saved. Patrick needs God’s LOVE and our support. If you were in direct contact with him you would see the change that is taking place in him.

      • Michele said on 22-03-2012

        I did a little searching myself. In this world of information, I think God expects us to use our brains as well as our hearts. Mr. Greene please share how it is possible (so that I too can benefit from your expertise) that you can be in such desperate need that even your cat is hungry yet your $4,000 plus property tax bill has already been paid for this year? I need to pay mine and I work two jobs and babysit on the weekends. Please do tell because my daughter would like to attend summer camp and until I can pay my taxes she has to stay home.

        • Dave said on 23-03-2012

          Michele, you will obviously not recieve an answer to your question. In fact, you will notice that your post was tucked neatly away among posts more than two weeks old. I too have questions regarding the wisdom of helping this man and calling it some sort of Christian duty. My posts have been called “judgmental” and “hurtfull”, and in the case of my opposing view yesterday was removed entirely.

          Let me share an article in the Tyler Morning Telegraph from 3-20-12.

          Greene said. The money is better than prayer because Wal-Mart doesn’t accept prayer as legal tender, he added.

          Greene added that he has studied Christianity and read Genesis and all four gospels about the life of Jesus, but considers the Bible “too preposterous” to accept.

          “I appreciate the love and the generosity (of the Henderson County Christians who helped), but it doesn’t affect my own outlook on the Bible in any way,” Greene said.

          These are not my interpretations of what was said, but word for word, copy and paste representations of his words.

          A visit to The Friendly Atheist website will reveal that he is also soliciting funds through yet another site.

          As i said yesterday, What A Beautiful World when Christians and Atheists can work together for the glory of…..well I think we know for the glory of whom.

          • Jessica Crye said on 23-03-2012

            Dave her post was there because she replied to a post and didnt’ start her own. I don’t think anyone is trying to be rude to any one and as you see I haven’t called you judgemental. I see you side of things too and we each have to do what God has asked us to. I never thought this thing would EVER be this big. It is waking alot of people up though and if that is what it does then great. Sometimes it is not about the person on the receiving end it is about the person on the giving end. This has changed me as much as it has changed Patrick. Having views of no God don’t just change over night. I FIRMLY believe God is still working on him and this community. I beleive that God is big enough to change his heart it is going to be up to Patrick if he lets him. As I told Patrick yesterday, if he never becomes a Christian I am OK with that! BEACUSE I did what God told me to and I have a clear conscience on that. I do not want to start a debate here that is not what I am about, but I don’t want people thinking we are ignoring anyone or being rude. Each has their own opinion and probably will never change that.

          • Lacey said on 23-03-2012

            Dave, if a Christian is truely doing something unto God, then end result doesn’t matter. I personally know Jessica, and her heart is in the right place. As for Mr. Greene and what you quoted from him about prayer and Wal-mart, he is both wrong and correct. To an atheist, whom God does not exist, prayers would seem very useless. He is correct in his mindset, but overall he may not know just yet how beneficial prayer is. I do pray for him. It is not for me to judge his circumstances. You talked about it not using wisdom to help this man. Consider Jesus allowing a sinful woman to touch him and wash His feet with her tears. Don’t you think that stirred up some controversy? Absolutely, Jesus often did things that other’s (even followers of God) did not agree with. I encourage Mr. Green to read the Bible to try and prove it wrong. The Word is alive very much, and I believe if he pursued that, then his heart would more than likely change. The Bible is filled with wild stories. Many Christians call themselves “saved”. Not one of us is saved yet b/c we are not in Heaven, but we have accepted Jesus in our hearts and my faith believe. When one really encounters God, there is NO denying His existence. Mr. Greene, I pray you have an experience with God to settle your thoughts. He is real & has done so much for me. I know that I know that I know He is alive and the lover of my soul!

        • Jessica Crye said on 23-03-2012

          Look at his place in this video by the news..hardly 4000 in taxes since he lives in an apartment…It was NEVER about the money to those of us that started this. It was done with a nudge from God and a simple comment.

    • christina said on 10-03-2012

      I just wanted to say thank you to Ms. Crye, Mr. Greene, and the Henderson community for reminding me of what we are called to as true Christians. Mr. Greene you and your family are in our prayers. It is truly humbling to be reminded that we are here to love.

      • Jessica Crye said on 11-03-2012

        All glory goes to God for doing all of this. He is at work here. I am in awe at all that is going on. We are here to love and I am glad God reminded me of this. It is so awesome to be involved in God’s work. I never thought this much would come of this simple comment ;).

  14. Sharon Brown said on 08-03-2012

    My heart is so heavy with love right now and it feels so good. After all this is what it is all about, right? I was so moved after reading Mr. Greene’s shared emails and updates. They say things are accomplished in baby steps and I truly believe Mr. Greene has taken a giant step. Compassion is a great thing. I don’t think I would have made it through life as I have if I felt no compassion. I too pray for Mr and Mrs Greene and have for several weeks now. I know it would be another giant step for them but I would love to have them as guest at my church if they ever make it down this way. So Mr Greene look me up if you are down this way and want to take me up on my offer
    I will continue to pray for you and your wife. I know everyone has their own beliefs about faith and I don’t understand a lot about the different faiths but I am learning. And I believe we are all sisters and brothers of the world no matter our faith and I love everyone. I try to do the very best I can each day but I am a sinner. I ask for forgiveness and keep trying to do better. I love you Mr Greene and yes I am going to say it. Please don’t get offended :) GOD BLESS YOU!!!! Okay, enough, I will step down off my soapbox. Have a great day everyone

    • Sharon Brown said on 12-03-2012

      I truly wish I could recall my comment above. After slowing down and really reading word by word of this whole blog I now understand that Mr. Greene doesn’t care about any of us as long as he gets that money………I have done a lot of research on Mr. Greene in the last few days and he makes it a job to slap a lawsuit on anyone. He is very lawsuit happy.
      Mr. Greene I will continue to pray for you and your health because I love you and that is what Jesus is asking me to do.

      • tonya carnes said on 12-03-2012

        This man saw a great opportunity to make cash here without having to spend the time or money to file a lawsuit. I pray for Mr. Greene, also. I have prayed about this issue. I am getting the same answer. I will continue to pray for the lost. My pocketbook is open all the time to those in need in our community and elsewhere. I also googled this man and from what I can tell he is even at odds with the atheists. It’s not “un” Christian to not be naive. Prayer is what this man needs. Not money.

        • Jessica Crye said on 13-03-2012

          Patrick was offered much more than he was willing to accept. He NEVER asked for money that came from a thought that God laid on my heart. He was offered surgery at 20,000 and he asked for only 1,000 to cover a few bills. I don’t think 1,000 is too much to ask to have the opportunity to show someone God’s Love. On top of that it is God’s issue to worry about what Patrick does with the money. Do you control how your church spends the money you give? You give our f your heart and then it is up to the person you bless to decide what to do with it. Being naive isn’t a good thing, but turning the other cheek is.

          • Sharon Brown said on 13-03-2012

            Jessica, I ask that you not try to tell me what I should do. I am following what Jesus Christ has layed on my heart for this situation just as you have wwhat he layed on yours. Jesus tells me he needs lots of prayer and that is what I am giving him. I would be turning the cheek if I did not do as I was asked. I love you Jessica my sister. 1 John-2 may be a good reading as well.

          • Jessica Crye said on 13-03-2012

            I never intended to offend you Sharon…..I am sorry I didn’t mean to make you think I was telling you to do anything…I am not trying to upset anyone on here at all. Everyone has their own feelings as to what God is telling them to do and I am not here to tell anyone else what to feel…Please accept my apologies

      • Jessica Crye said on 13-03-2012

        Patrick NEVER asked for the money and actually refused until the 3rd time to help him…Saul that was turned to Paul had quite a bad history too. I understand if you don’t want to donate to him, but please do pray and show him what turning the other cheek looks like…

        • Lacey said on 13-03-2012

          Well, said on both your comments. People either need to help or probably just leave their comments out of it. If they don’t support this, then don’t comment here. Let other do as God has led them to and leave their judgements to something else. Most of us don’t desire what God has blessed us with. Thank goodness He doesn’t judge us like so many of us judge one another. If so, many of us would be homeless, kids hungry, etc. But, His mercy and grace are extended to us even though we do not deserve it. And, if anyone here thinks they just desire goodness their way consider what my Pastor has said before, “How would you feel if everything you have ever done wrong was put up on a screen for all to see? What about what you did or said this week alone?”

  15. Patrick Greene said on 08-03-2012

    Dear Lacey,
    I will promise you, and Jessica, and everyone else one thing right now. If you all can help my wife and myself get through this very difficult time, I will personally
    use some of the contributions, and buy a set of twinkling Christmas lights to string around statues in the Nativity scene, so they can be seen for a block at night.
    thank you for that wonderful prayer.

    • Jessica Crye said on 08-03-2012

      that would be so awesome..I would love to meet you…God is doing so many unexplainable things right now and you are involved…I love that 😉

  16. Patrick Greene said on 08-03-2012

    I and my wife are so thrilled at the email that Jessica Crye sent me, that we want to share it, and my reply, with everyone………………………………

    Dear Patrick

    I am glad that you shared your email so that we as a community can support you during this time. I was saddened to hear about what you are going through. I pray for your healing and comfort during this tough time. I know that these are not a natural things for you to hear knowing your beliefs, but I serve a MIGHTY God and He can do miraculous things! Bringing you into our community has spurred so many things and lead to a chain of events that is only explained by Divine intervention. As I sat and read the first news story about you in the Malakoff News I thought about how I would feel if I was going blind and how scary and stressful that would be, I could only think of helping you. I knew that our community was in a “battle” with you but God tells us as HIS children to LOVE our enemies. God laid it on my heart to see if we could help you. I do not want any praise for this as I believe all Glory goes to God. I am so excited about the outpouring of our community. This whole Nativity battle has brought about so many amazing things and really made ALOT of people rethink their beliefs and made them either stand or hide behind the beliefs. I am glad that you have not hidden behind a federation from out of state, but put a name to your letters so we could get to know you. I am sorry for any negative feedback you may have received as some people that call themselves “Christians” aren’t always the best example of what we stand for. I am glad that we are now able to help you out as you are in need. I believe that God has provided this opportunity for us to show you HIS love. Human nature as you see with your FB page friends does not care for others in need that desire comes from God. I pray for you daily.

    Jessica Crye

    Dear Jessica,
    You will never know what your letter has done for my wife and I. My wife had a website for many years, where she knitted and sold infant and baby clothes. She was
    swindled out of hundreds of dollars in clothes from women who had the Christian fish symbol as part of their emails, and had Bible quotes in their emails. It got to the point
    where my wife refused to do business with Christian women, because she did not want her hand knitted clothes stolen. She actually had to contact the Attorney General
    of 2 different states to try to get her money back. Her efforts failed.
    Now you and many Christians have offered to help us get through this very difficult time with barely enough money to feed ourselves and pay our rent, between now and
    when my first Social Security check gets to us in two weeks. It is so hard to believe that this generosity is coming from people who have discriminated against us for all the
    33+ years that we have been married. We are truly flabbergasted.
    To give you a background of who we are. We met and married in 12 days. That was on August 12, 1978. We married on August 26, 1978. I placed an ad in the Pomona,
    California newspaper. She was one of 6 women who answered the personal ad. She was the only one whom I met, because she loved the fact that I have never drank beer
    or liquor in my entire life…….and I have never had the slightest interest in watching or playing sports in my life. I think football and boxing are much too violent. Basketball is very silly looking, and baseball and golf are intensely boring. I have never in my life ever been in a bar or a strip club. I have always failed to understand why, in a country
    which has a majority of Christians, why they would allow strip clubs to exist.
    I spent 8 1/2 years in the Air Force. From 1968 to 1977. I was married to my first wife for 5 years. My second wife, who I am now still married to, was married to two
    wife beaters, when the subject of domestic violence was not brought up in our society. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Back then there were no shelters for battered women.
    When we got married I had the vows changed. I did not want my wife saying; “I promise to love, honor and “obey”. I told the minister that, if I wanted someone to obey
    me, I would buy a dog. If I wanted Karen to obey me, I would adopt her, not marry her. We had a minister marry us, because he was a college classmate of my wife’s.
    Back in the 1960′ and 1970’s the feminist movement was called “women’s liberation”. I was so much a supporter of women’s equality in society, that my wife gave me
    the nickname of “the last of the women’s libbers’.
    Our marriage was greatly affected by the “battered women’s syndrome”. On only our 3rd day after we got married my wife asked me for permission to buy and iron and a quart of milk. I had never had an adult ask me for permission for anything. It took me over a year to convince her that I had no authority over her. I was her husband, not her father……nor did I buy her in a slave market.
    Neither one of our families came to our wedding, because a gay couple were our witnesses. These two men were my wife’s closest friends. They helped her emotionally
    get through her battle with two violent husbands. I agreed to let these two men be our witnesses, because I have never liked prejudice. I believe that no prejudice is good.
    Even if it is from religious beliefs. Treating people like dirt, because they are different from you, is never acceptable. Since I have been the victim of prejudice because
    I have never drank a can of beer in my entire life……………and I have never watched any Super Bowl in my entire life. People think you are anti-American if you
    don’t like sports and don’t ever drink.
    Well, Jessica, this is just a little bit of my wife’s and my history together. My wife’s favorite pastime is games on the computer and especially HOG. Hidden Object Games.
    My favorite pastime since I have been 8 years old, has been to watch movies. I am a lifetime movie buff. Since I came from a very large family of alcoholics, 5 of them and my mother was the worse, I always looked at Spencer Tracy and Kathryn Hepburn as my second parents. When my father discovered I hated all sports and would never drink alcohol, he automatically thought I was gay, and ignored me most of my life.
    I will end this letter now, and give you and everyone thanks for anything you can send us.
    With love from the both of us
    Patrick Greene

  17. Patrick Greene said on 07-03-2012

    If anyone who wants to contact me can write me at
    I would love to talk to anyone.

  18. Patrick Greene said on 07-03-2012

    My wife and I wish to greatly thank Jessica Crye and everyone else, plus Rev. Graham, for the show of Christian love that has been given to us.
    I have every intention of contacting the magazine Christianity Today and make sure they know that the Christians in Henderson County know the perfect way to bring atheists to Christ. All the Atheists in the country could learn a lesson from all of you. All we got from the atheist facebook page that my wife looks at was; “Oh, that’s too bad.” But no offers to help us to survive in the two weeks before our social security checks arrive. I was forced to take back my Yellow Cab because my vision is beginning to fade. We welcome all the assistance we can get from you.
    And our cat, Big Boy, will get his snacks when he wants them too.
    We adopted him when he was one year old. He was skinny and scared of everyone. We convinced him we would take care of him for the rest of his life.

    • Jessica Crye said on 07-03-2012

      Please give all thanks to the Lord…I have done nothing but what He tells us as Christians to do…I pray for you daily

  19. Jessica Crye said on 07-03-2012

    You may or may not be aware of the lawsuit that was being filed against Henderson County for the placement of the Nativity scene on the courthouse square. The suit was being filed by Patrick Greene, an atheist out of San Antonio. Since Mr. Greene’s original efforts toward suit, he has decided to drop the suit because of his accelerating loss of vision. Many in the Christian community expressed concern for Mr. Greene and an attempt was made to fund the surgery needed to save his vision. Mr. Greene graciously declined the offer stating that it could be a waste of money since it was possible that the surgery would not work. Since the initial resistance however, he has had to sell his source of income and is in need of assistance with living expenses. He has been amazed by the Christians of Henderson County and their willingness to help him and has expressed sincere gratitude for any help given.

    A collection has been started to aid Mr. Greene and his wife during this difficult time. If you would like to help, you can send donations to Sand Springs Baptist Church at 1212 FM 1616, Athens, Tx. 75751. You can be assured that %100 of all donations will go directly to this family.

    To know Him and make Him known,

    Erick Graham

  20. JoAnn said on 05-03-2012

    Helping Mr. Green could be the way that would lead him to Christ, for him to be saved, and turn his life around. That would be tremendous and awesome!

  21. Lawrence said on 03-03-2012

    Maybe because he is blind to God’s word, he will be blinded to see God’s truth from the heart. I pray for all who know not God.

  22. Joel Knox said on 02-03-2012

    I think this is an awesome way to show Mr. Greene and the rest of the world for that matter what kind of people live in Henderson County.

  23. Jessica Crye said on 02-03-2012

    I have talked to My pastor Erick Graham and he will be handling this…I will update as I have more info next week

  24. Ruth Walker said on 01-03-2012

    Paying for his eye care would be commendable, but has nothing to do with the nativity display and its inappropriateness. Those practicing the Golden Rule would autonmatically remove it from public land to keep from making others uncomfortable. When I was a child Presbyterians didn’t have nativity scenes; protestants used to have a thing about graven images. Statues were for the Roman Catholics.

    • Susan Voyles said on 02-03-2012

      I guess some people just dont get it! Its not really about the nativity scene itself!!! Its about freedom of religion. Its about speaking up about Christianity. The nativity issue is just what started the whole stirring of one’s soul. Why would others be “uncomfortable” about something they dont even believe in! I go into a Chinese Resturant and eat…even with budda sitting there….I go into a Mexican food place and eat…even if Mary is sitting there! I don’t believe in them…so I am not uncomfortable.

      • Lee said on 04-03-2012

        Very good and to the point. The Nativity should not make others uncomfortable if they are strong in their own beliefs. I love the whole Christmas celebrations and the nativity scene is part of it.
        This is our freedom of worshipping and expressing ourselves.
        Those that believe in Christ know that this is a reminder that Christ came to Earth to save us. If you don’t believe walk away that is your freedom.

    • Juanita Rocha said on 02-03-2012

      I know what you mean, we as Christians would not want to make others uncomfortable, but we would not be standing up for Christ as He says we need to do! It doesn’t mean we are worshipping those images or worshipping Christmas! It is just a reminder that Christ came to Earth to save us if we repent, accept Him as Lord and Savior and believe in Him! We worship the Living God! But, I know you know that! just saying! I know he would take the Christians money and help and still be an atheist doing what he is now doing! May he ask God to forgive him!

  25. Amanda said on 01-03-2012

    Damn, shame on you Mr. Greene, you have to power to stop Satan and you didn’t. Satan wins, like he does always.

    • Juanita Rocha said on 02-03-2012

      Satan will NOT always win! It is written that he and his demons will be thrown in the Lake of Fire for Eternity!! He is working like crazy right now to take as many as he can with him!

      • Amanda said on 02-03-2012

        Satan DOES always win because he is your god!!

        • Sk8eycat said on 02-03-2012

          It amuses me that believers tend to think that “Satan” is more powerful than, or has power equal to, their imaginary god. Since neither character can pe proven to exist in the real world, why not just get over yourselves and drop the whole thing?

          Any religious display on government taxpayer-supported property is unconstitutional. Period. Move the nativity scene to a church, or your own front lawn if you absolutely have to have one. and, while you’re at it, the baby in the manger should be nailed to a cross since that was the only reason for the nativity in the first place: the birth of a human sacrifice. Ick.

          • Lacey said on 23-03-2012

            This believer believes Satan may have power, but God is more powerful! So, no matter what I go through, God is bigger than the circumstances and has ALWAYS brought me through and for the better.

  26. Heidi said on 01-03-2012

    I would contribute. More than willing to show Gods love is this way.

    • Chala said on 02-03-2012

      Could you do it just out of empathy? You sound like you have God on your agenda for doing this, knowing fully well he is an atheist.

  27. Tawna said on 01-03-2012

    I agree that it is a show of Christian charity to help him by paying the doctors involved but not that man.

  28. Susan Voyles said on 01-03-2012

    The Lord works in mysterious ways……

    • David said on 01-03-2012

      Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he allows hundreds of thousands of people to be killed by tsunamis and earthquakes. Sometimes he gives children cancer. What a nice God, why wouldn’t anyone want to worship such a being?

    • bill walker said on 01-03-2012

      His blunders to perform.

    • ed-words said on 01-03-2012

      Mysterious, indeed!

      Jerry Falwell, Andrew Breitbart, Christian pilgrims
      returning from a week of prayer – – – – – –

  29. Todd Weaver said on 01-03-2012

    Help this man? I totally agree. Shine our light so others can see. After all that’s how non believers come to know God its through his love in us. I don’t think God puts these opportunities in front of us to be ignored. Michael, did he reveal the costs involved?

  30. Jessica Crye said on 01-03-2012

    Why don’t we start a collection to send to Mr. Greene to help him get his tests done? I know most see this as a “victory” because he is “leaving us alone”, but why not turn this into something else. This is a great opportunity to turn the other cheek and show God’s love.

    • Michael V. Hannigan said on 01-03-2012

      I personally think that’s a great idea

    • Holly said on 01-03-2012

      I think its a good idea as well.

    • Sk8eycat said on 01-03-2012

      How about helping him in the name of human compassion, and leave the supernatural out of it?

      • tiny3380 said on 06-03-2012

        sk8eycat you an uneducated idiot if ou think the way you do as being true

      • Lacey said on 08-03-2012

        @ Sk8eycat – A Christian cannot call it being human compassion because we were all born into sin. It is God, the Creator of the Universe, who moves believers to do such things. If you are not a believer, then you would not understand. However, I can understand how you might not understand. I was once an unbeliever. And, I remember how revelation came as I gave my heart to Jesus and dug into His Word. His Word is living and breathing. If you have any doubts or questions, read His Word and see if it brings clarity.

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