Time to close the range

Posted by : admin | On : February 24, 2012

It might be time to pen all those hogs, sheep and goats in Henderson County.

Tuesday, Commissioners’ Court committed to an election to prohibit the free range of the animals in the county.

Currently, the county is an open range for those animals, which means if your neighbor’s goats come over and eat your garden, it’s your fault for not fencing them out.

Officials say the county closed the range — required livestock owners to keep their animals in rather than require property owners to keep them out — to cattle, horses and other animals in the mid 20th century, but did not include hogs, sheep and goats.

“Probably because there weren’t many of those animals in the county back then,” County Attorney Clint Davis told commissioners.

The election will only be open to county freeholders: residents who are registered voters and own real property.

A date for the election will be set at an upcoming Commissioners’ Court meeting.

Comments (3)

  1. jim ford said on 26-10-2012

    Does this mean if there is a wild hog roaming your property and it goes to adjacent property and causes damage prop owner one is responsible for monetary claims?

    • Michael V. Hannigan said on 26-10-2012

      I don’t think it has to do with wild animals …. more livestock … if your neighbor is raising hogs or goats, and his animals get out and come over to your property and graze or root up your lawn, he is not responsible for the damage, you are.

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