Trinidad Tales 2-17-12

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : February 17, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The news
We’ve been enjoying more rain; it is always welcome, the wet stuff in any form. As a child, we always had a barrel to catch rain in as it fell. It seems this was used for washing hair, maybe with a vinegar/water rinse or lemon with water. Never did we wash our hair nightly.

Barbara Wier has left Trinidad, now in Denver for tests on her thyroid and surgery on her throat. I called her the day she left and she answered with cell phone, “I’m in the Denver Airport with one grandson while another looks for a place to park to get us and my luggage.” I thought she was still at her home.

My old nemesis, the painful back, has become less a problem with the third medication I’ve tired. These pills make me unsteady, which I already was. If I bodily run into you I’m sorry. My body takes no commands.
Some day I’ll list all the people with back pain here in our community. It will be a surprise.

Vickie Looney’s mother has gone to her home in Mississippi after a stroke a few weeks back. She has home health care, and Vickie returned to Trinidad. Her mother is Helen Hollman.

Coming out of ETMC in Athens, I saw Rosalee Colvin who said she had one more chemo left in her fight against lung cancer. She appeared a little smaller than I remembered, but she looked pretty and well. Her husband was with her.

Linda Stanton might get to leave ETMC this week if she continues getting better with her lung ailments. COPD is one. She is quite bored after going in last week thinking she had double pneumonia.

Norman and Lauretta Lawler are doing quiet well but taking life easier. Norman takes care of most house chores, and they have home health service.

Christopher Brown will return to school this week, slowly getting back into his routine. He is 9 and has digestive problems as an adult would.
His grandmother, Candy Brown, will be leaving for Austin for a reunion with her friends at the school of the blind.
It has been 45 years since these women have gotten together. Candy wears glasses and has some sight.

Bessie Hildred Cartlidge still remains in Dallas at a nursing-rehab center, improving since breaking her hip.

Call me to get any news in. I’m at 778-4173. This was confusing to us for a while as the zip code ends with 63.

Remember these on our prayer list: Jerry Cotton, Evenlyn Beavers, Winston Thornburg, Raymond Tubbs, Deanna Heickman, Lawrence Moser, Joe Moser, Pauline nee Smalling, James Looney, Ruby Williams, Ginger Frasier, Martha Perry, Evelyn Beavers, Don Wilbanks, Barry Bryson, Avon Lane, Carol Ann Stevenson, Geraldine Stanfield, Wretha Barfoot, Marilyn Allen, Billie Taffee, Minnie Morgan, Iris Ellison, Bobbie Walker, Bethel Kelly, and anyone else suffering in any way. Please remember our veterans, many of them in nursing homes around us, and the men and women in service now: Lauren Hebrank and husband, Jeremy Roden, Mikey Warren, Cord Smith, Andre Anderson, Tyler Norris, Miles Norris, Jonathan Crocker, Darrell Colby, and all the others.

Someone on a television show said in the country most boys were named Larry and Derrell. I don’t agree. But my brother is “Larry,” my adopted has a brother named “Larry,” my husband has cousins named “Larry” and “Lawrence,” but no one in my class in high school had that name. I know few Derrells, but we have Larry Story and Larry Nolan from here. Then I know Bills and Billies as girls and boys. Oh, my daughter is named Lara for my brother Larry. Oh well, my city granddaughter says only country women wear glitter, carry loud colored purses and wear gold on their shoes, and she is so wrong.

God Bless America and keep us strong. We have many problems. One of them is ignoring our Christian foundation.