Setting the record straight

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : February 17, 2012

By Loretta Humble

I have recently misled you on a couple of things, and since I don’t have anything else to talk about this morning, I’ll take this opportunity to clear those things up. I know there are probably several more, but I can’t think of them right now.

First of all, I need to let you know that the place where the James Surls Sculpture Garden: a Memorial to Joe Surls is located is NOT where James Surls grew up. Joe and JoAnn Surls raised their kids somewhere around what is now the lower part of Cedar Creek Lake. I think. After the kids had left home, Joe and JoAnn moved to the beautiful place where the Sculpture Garden is being created.

So I’m sorry I misled you about this, but it does give me another opportunity to remind you to mark your calendars for the one day when the Gardens will be open to the public: Saturday, April 28. It will cost you to see it–$25 in advance, $35 on that day—but cheap at twice the price if you consider what that buys you.

For one thing, if things go as planned, it will buy major restoration of one of Malakoff’s most interesting landmarks, the Bartlett House. That is where all the money is going. For another thing, it buys you admission to a second beautiful garden full of flowers and sculpture, at the waterfront home of my very favorite rich people, Barbara and James Stewart. I’m fortunate to have been invited to parties in their gardens, and they are unbelievably beautiful. And there’s more—a free mapped-out drive-about tour all around the area, where many artists are waiting to show you their works, and at the end of the tour all ticket-holders will be invited to have refreshments and watch the sunset beside some kind of fantastic water sculpture at Beacon Hill near Kemp. I’m going to check out Beacon Hill pretty soon so I can tell you what you have to look forward to there.

There’s a whole lot more information you need to know about the Surls Sculpture Garden. That’s why you need to go to www.texasmonthly.com/forum/events/article/6374 and read all about it. If you don’t want to type all that, you can go to my Around the Town Facebook page and find the link to click on. Or if you just hate computers, call me, and I’ll print it out for you.

The other thing I misled you about was the SUPER EASY CHOCOLATE WALNUT FUDGE recipe. It is super easy once you have chopped up the chocolate squares. Before that, it is not, and also not cheap. I must have used chocolate chips instead of chocolate squares when I made this stuff at Christmas. And since I bought the ingredients at the same time I bought a lot more stuff, I didn’t really know what it cost. This time, it took me at least 30 minutes to chop up those 27 one ounce squares. And those squares were on sale for nearly half price, and still cost $8, plus three I already had. And the condensed milk was half price, so it was only $1.60. But the walnuts cost me another $3.50. So my fudge cost me over $13. Plus 30 minutes of chopping, getting little chips of chocolate all over the table and some on the floor. But it is really good fudge. It was for a bake sale…I’ll bet it sold for at least $10.

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  2. […] Setting the record straight And the condensed milk was half price, so it was only $ 1.60. But the walnuts cost me another $ 3.50. So my fudge cost me over $ 13. Plus 30 minutes of chopping, getting little chips of chocolate all over the table and some on the floor. Read more on Malakoff News […]