Letter: The community should show more support

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : February 17, 2012

Dear Editor,
On Monday night, February 13th, we attended the Plummer Family Country Music Show at the Trinidad school. This was a benefit for the Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD). For a paltry price of $10 each, we enjoyed two hours of country music that was equal to most Branson shows. So what’s the beef?

The problem is that a large number of seats went begging for a lack of support by the very residents the TVFD works so hard to serve! It pains me to see that large communities like Key Ranch Estates, Beachwood and others located within the service district of the TVFD just don’t seem to care! When an event like this one is staged every year, there is absolutely no reason why the performance shouldn’t be completely sold out.

Chief Arnold and his volunteers work extremely hard to provide the very best fire and first responder services for everyone South of the lake spillway, so let’s get behind them and show our appreciation for their efforts!

Gilbert W. Betts