Trinidad Tales 1-20-12

Posted by : Press release | On : January 20, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
When it gets colder, the less I want to leave my nest. Some say we’ll see snow and sleet before spring.

A few are saying taking cinnamon tablets daily is lowering or eliminating their diabetes. Cranberry tablets are out in pill form to fight urinary infections.
Other better-health wannabes are not buying anything with added chemicals or additives of any kind. Then some are dropping sugar of any kind. Fish-oil eggs in capsule form have helped me in ways I didn’t expect, or maybe it was something else.

Bethel Tubbs Kelly lost a 97-year-old brother last week. He is not Raymond on the prayer list. Bethel may have once had at least nine brothers and was the only sister. The family does have kinship to the late Ernest Tubbs, a country-western entertainer from somewhere around Tolosa or Cap City maybe.

Martha Perry remains in an assisted living home in Dallas. Christopher Brown did not have his colon surgery. He is about 8.

Barbara Wier has to have thyroid surgery in the future and is apprehensive about her decisions to make as where, when, etc.

Rosalee Colvin is doing well.

Our soldiers have been on leave or will be. Some wonder why no discounts are given in the Henderson County area for gas or meals or other purchases. Some cities do give from 50 percent on down on certain items.

Reportedly, Bessie Airheart Cartlidge fell on Monday, broke a hip, and had surgery that night. Her late husband A.C. was one of the Cartlidge family that has lived here a long time as well as Bessie’s family of nine siblings. She is a sister to J.C. Airheart. She is in the Athens ETMC with family in to see about her. Bessie has three grown children.

Some livable homes are for sale in the area. The Jackson “rock” house has new owners. The house has fascinated viewers for years. It is quite old.

Some of the Trojans, at least one, is playing on the TVCC basketball team. He has the height.

No matter what crowd we’re in, the coughing can be heard and hard to stop, not just from smokers which are fewer and fewer.

On our prayer list are Billie Taaffe, Carol Stevenson, Barbara Thompson, Ruby Williams, Barry Bryson, Jerry Cotton, Don Wilbanks, Evelyn Beavers, Raymond Tubbs, Bethel Kelly, Ginger Frasier, Avon Lane, Winston Thornburg, Pat Jackson, Georgia Dillingham, Geraldine Stanfield, Wretha Barfoot, Marilyn Stanfield Allen, James Looney and our men and woman in service to our country: Jonathan Crocker, Jeremy Roden, Lauren Hebrank, Miles Norrris, Andre Anderson, Mikey Warren, Tyler Norris, Weylon Hill, Cord Smith, Derrell Colby, Dan Phillips and surely more.