What I remember

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : January 13, 2012

By Buddy Hazell

Do we remember the ‘Outhouse’, with its Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog; or the Monkey Ward catalog? Then, there was the ‘Slop Jar,’ for ladies and girls of the house; and there was ‘Hesitating’ off the ‘Gallery’ for the men and boys.

We had just one pair of shoes and wore them only when going to town or church. We had two pair of overalls, one for everyday use and one for going to town and church. Mother made our shirts and underwear from chicken feed sacks, and bed sheets from flour sacks. We wore socks until they had been sewed up so many times that there was more thread than sock.

Hats were not baseball caps, but made of straw with a wide brim to keep the sun out of our face. Some men could afford felt hats, but not many men. Belts were for spanking your kids. School teachers could spank your kid and they would get another when they got home.

Listening to “The Louisiana Hayride” or “The Grand Old Opera” on a battery powered RCA radio made in 1930. The old folks thought if more than one person listened at a time the battery would run down quicker. In the summer time, we cooled watermelons in the fireplace. After digging sweet potatoes and letting them dry awhile, we stored them in a ‘tater bank’ made from corn stalks. How about this; ‘rubbing hams and bacon with Morton’s Sugar Cure’. Keeping the fire going in the smoke house. Then there was grinding your own cornmeal.

Clean out the cast iron heaters, and empty the ashes. Split and fill the kindling box. Make sure the wood box is full. Fill the reservoir on the cast iron cook stove. Shuck corn to feed the chickens, turkeys and hogs. Don’t forget to soak the hog’s corn. Milk four cows to get one gallon of milk.

Hitching up the team to go to town, remember “Gee and Haw”? Gee to right and Haw to the left. How about this, if you were riding the “Off” mule, he would only turn to the right. The “Near” mule would only turn to the left.
Drawing water, from the well and carrying water, from the well in hot sand, barefooted. How about running from the shade of one cotton plant to another in the hot sand. Getting a bar of soap and going to the creek for a bath.

Raking hay with a dump rake, shocking hay in the field and throwing the hay in the hay press.

Riding the mule as it walked around the hay press packing the hay, and you thought you were helping. Putting hay in a loft using a well pulley.

Winding an old victrola and playing a record. A song which was my favorite was “Wahoo.” The victrola always seemed to wind down before the song finished.

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  1. Rene Boullion said on 09-09-2012

    I saw most of these in my childhood, but how do you cool a watermelon in the fireplace??

  2. Karla Tharp said on 26-01-2012

    Love the look back. We have no idea how lazy our days are now do we? And tired these days doesn’t mean a thing. A person could learn alot about living from you. Thanks for the trips back from a youngen who can appreciate.