Using Facebook to help de-clutter life

Posted by : admin | On : January 13, 2012

(Note to my readers who don’t do Internet and don’t intend to: I’m sorry about this little detour of mine. I promise to shut up about anything Internet for a week or two. I don’t promise, however, to stop talking about de-owning.)

If you have kept up with this column through the years you know once I get on a tear, it is hard for me to shut up about it. My latest one is the whole subject of de-cluttering, de-owning, and simplifying my life. Combine that with my next-to-the-latest obsession, which is social media, and it’s really got me going.

I didn’t like Facebook until I needed it in order to do what I want to do, which is communicate with the people of this area, sort of in the tone I communicate here, but maybe in a way that could be a little more useful. I wanted to talk to all kinds of different people, hopefully getting them to knowing about one another and talking to one another, maybe making some friends they wouldn’t have otherwise. This is a good community, but I’d like to help it be a better one, and all that takes is people knowing and understanding one another. To know us is to love us.

And of course, in the process, while I’m helping everybody talk to everybody, I don’t mind if you remember that I belong to Cedar Lake Nursing Home and Cedar Lake Nursing Services, so that maybe if you need a nurse you’ll call us.

So that’s how www.facebook.com/aroundthetown got started. Just an electronic version of this column, but where I can talk a lot more, and where I can get immediate feedback. And show color pictures any time I want to.
But I am by no means the only one thinking about how to help our community. There are others thinking far bigger than I can dream. I am totally in awe of what Faith in Action is doing and what they plan to do here. Becky’s Closet is outgrowing their borrowed rooms at First Baptist Church. They are doing wonderful work providing warm clothes to people who really need them. Donna Rinn was gathering coats for Becky’s Closet when she got things rolling on the next part of this.

We got to talking about how most of us have way too much stuff, stuff that is just in our way, weighing us down, when it could be helping somebody. Then Donna found the website www.becomingminimalist.com, which offers a whole world of tips and encouragement for de-cluttering and de-owning stuff. We loved it so much, we filled facebook.com/aroundthetown with links to it and other sites it suggested, and then we and lots of other people started suggesting books and sites and commenting on our own challenges, successes and failures in de-cluttering until that site had become totally cluttered with de-cluttering talk. Then I got to looking at my surplus of books that could be put to better use, and I started talking about that. It started to be a booktalk site as well.

It was looking like we could use another place to talk about books, but I knew what was needed more was a somewhere to talk about getting rid of junk. So I whined and hinted online until Donna created www.facebook.com/friendsencouragingfriends. That was yesterday. Today we have members. You might like it. It really is helping some of us So then I created www.facebook.com/hendersoncountybooktalk. This is where we can talk about how to de-own, (or release—a phrase that helps some of us turn loose of things) books, as well as get more books, as well as just talk about books we’ve read or want to read. Right now, considering the group of folks who have already been talking to one another, I suspect we’ll be reviewing some books on how to simplify our lives by getting rid of stuff. I hope it grows way beyond that.

Funny, we shouldn’t need a book to just get rid of stuff, but some of us do. And if it works, let’s don’t knock it.

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