Trinidad Tales 1-13-12

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : January 13, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
A popular topic again is the weather. We awake and wonder what the outside will reveal. Rain is the favorite!

There’s a coughing virus going around our community. Hoarseness, even nausea, can accompany this malady. Remember Vick’s Salve? Get it out for use – some say coat the feet on it and sleep with socks. One friend spent Christmas Day in his bed, too ill to eat or think about gifts.

News has come that Roberta Staples died in early December in a nursing home. Once she lived in Trinidad, a long time ago. I met her 10 years ago or more. She was a precious, lovely person.

Two students checked into our school; two checked out.

An intermediate age group is playing basketball. They had a game Saturday with Corsicana and lost 25-4, reportedly.

To my knowledge, there are no places to shop for food a reasonable prices. Some things are cheaper by quantity. But then storage becomes a problem. We can’t eat paper towels, yet.

The political hoopla is becoming entertaining. The stories I hear…. I often wonder what would occur under another Harry Truman.

One granddaughter is a freshman in a community college; her favorite fellow is a sophomore there. It is fun to talk with them as I never thought about them being in college. Another granddaughter will graduate from a community college this spring and transfer to a university. Another granddaughter is in her first year teaching in Austin. Miss something? Boys. Two grandsons graduate from high school this spring, same school. They have plans but not sealed in writing. An older grandson does not like school and even had a scholarship for college. Three other grandsons are ages 12, 3, and 2 (today).

January is a big birthday month for us. Mine, a granddaughter’s, her mother, an aunt, a good friend’s. I note my dad’s large family made appearances mostly in the summer. Then Granny was born in May and 85 years later died in January. Granddaddy did the same with May at age 70.

Deboriah Greeson and husband on Leagueline Rd. have received a surprise. An old house on Highway 198 S (Gun Barrel Lane) was going to be bulldozed, a large one at that. The owner is Mr. Greeson’s boss and let the Greesons have access to use of the property for her re-sale and antique items shop. She also does computer buying, trading, and selling.

This month has basketball on the slate for the high school teams.

What thrills me is that drugs for one disease are being used to cure or maintain those with an entirely different medical problem.

Have you noticed some of your favorite television shows have dipped more into the sleezy. L.A. Law was really a popular show with co-workers years ago. Then adultery and other types of cheating became almost the norm. I think “The Good Wife” seems headed that way. I hope you have seen one classy show so far, “Blue Blood.” A few others I liked have bid us bye, or I can’t find them. But others like “That 70’s Show, ” “Criminal Minds” and six or seven others can be found on five or six channels a day. Bah humbug.

Please take advantage of free food and clothing in the area. City halls should know where, even Trinidad. I want to get a shoe room, giving shoes away I can no longer wear because my feet are betraying me, or I betrayed them as a young one who couldn’t think more than a year in the future.

Our prayer list includes all suffering veterans, Ginger Frasier, Geraldine Stanfield, Don Wilbanks, Barry Bryson, Winston Thornburg, Jerry Cotton, James Looney, the Huckabee family, Joe Moser, Lawrence Moser, Carolyn Stevenson, Evelyn Beavers, Avon Lane, Rosalee Colvin, Christopher Brown (a young boy undergoing serious surgery this week), Raymond Tubbs, Bethel Kelly, David Lohman, Barbara Thompson, Ruby Williams, and our uniformed fighting young: Tyler Norris, Miles Norris, Jonathan Crocker, Weylon Hill, Cord Smith, Jeremy Roden, Lauren Hebrank and husband, Louis Stanton, Mikey Warren, Dan Phillips, Andre Anderson, Darrell Colby, anyone I have inadvertently forgotten. God bless us all.