Trinidad Tales 1-6-12

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : January 6, 2012

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
Here we go – another year!

Some are still coughing after having viruses or infections in the breathing department. Of course, we still need rain, but I’ve seen water standing as we call it in fields and ditches, a rare sight.

Was your New Year Eve’s celebration wild or mild. We usually hit in between. At midnight I become a year older; we try to eat out at least.
I’ve had more birthday celebrations as an adult than as a child. No extravaganzas then that I knew. On my 21st, an aunt gave me tickets for a Cotton Bowl Game. With our kids, we upped the celebrations some, camping nights for the boys, slumber parties for the girls, movie trips, and once I drove 9-year-old boys to Pennywhistle Park off Loop Twelve in Dallas to drive small cars, etc. That was a big undertaking for me.

On Sunday I saw or heard from 10 of 12 grandchildren and 3 of the 4 adult kids. That was fun. I try not to think of my arrival day much any more.

Saturday night a group of us ate in Athens. I allowed the birthday singing so I could receive dessert. Sunday after church we had an impromptu Black Eyed Pea and Cabbage dinner with kin and non kin. This was fun. Then my husband and I saw our birthday movie on Monday night, the $3 night for oldsters. The previews before exhausted us with more and more horrible creatures and bigger and worse explosions. Not much in the theaters for us any more. My favorites for now have been “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Dr. Zhivago,” “A River Runs Through It,” and “Tombstone.” I’m not much of a rewatcher except for any version of “Dr. Zhivago.” I’ve enjoyed others and walked out of a few. I think I purposefully avoid the weeping ones. My husband likes western films. We really enjoyed the new “True Grit.”

Many were saddened to hear of the death of Ron Hucklebee, already paralyzed from an accident for several years, and well known as a man of faith. Someone said the morning he died, he said he felt cold. In about an hour he was gone. His service was held at the Lakeside Baptist Church in Tool where he had sometime preached. His wife Beverly works at Tomlinson Funeral Home in Malakoff.

Billie Jackson lost a nephew last week, Jerry White of Ft. Worth. He had some chronic problems and was Billie’s sister’s son, the same age as Billie’s son. Then came word that Bobbie Ann (Boshart) died during Christmas time. I remember her; she is in my first-grade yearbook as a junior or senior. She was a beautiful girl. Her mother lived on Eaton Street as a widow and she died in the early 2000s. Bobbie’s obit will follow.

The Glenn Whites, maternal grandparents of the Norris boys, heard Tyler might be on CNN, but he was only interviewed, I think. I finally read what he said, quite nice. Miles Norris is in for a break. Tyler is coming soon. For maybe a week the brothers will be able to see one another. Tyler is in Bagdad I think. Lauren (Hebrank) and husband are visiting and will be transferred to South Carolina upon return from their Armed Service break.
Linda and Dave– Stanton had three of their four children with their children during the last two weeks, not all at the same time. Louis met his wife in Trinidad when he came in from Korea. I saw all four of his daughters. The two older ones liked my unused playhouse. The Stanton’s one daughter resides with her family in Germany.

People are making plans for spring trips. We didn’t go anywhere far during last year. We had a trip planned to Georgia, but it was too close to Christmas. No one volunteered to drive us. I still want to go through Dixie with snow falling somewhere.

Our nephew Don who was ring bearer in our wedding a long time ago wanted to be out of the hospital in Sunny Vale for Christmas. He has diabetic and circulation problems, facing amputation of one leg if anything goes wrong suddenly, but I think he may have still been in rehab. I lost my address book in early December and am trying to build up a new one with correct phone numbers.

New neighbors are on our block. That may make six families on our street, the railroad track on the other side. Pastures lies behind us. When we moved here I wrote we now lived in a semi-rural location. One son saw this and exploded, “SEMI-rural “? With Highway 31 two blocks away, we can reach semi-city quicker than my son living in the Metroplex. We like our address.

Basketball for boys and girls is still being played. I think school and town is back to normality, whatever that is. Live and let live?

On our prayer list are our veterans who are suffering in any way, Evelyn Beavers, Martha Perry, Deanna Heickman, Carol Stevenson, Geraldine Stanfield, Wretha Barfoot, Raymond Tubbs, Bethel Kelly (brother and sister), Christopher Brown, the family of Ron Hucklebee, Roberta Staples, Ginger Frasier, Barry Bryson, Don Wilbanks, T.J. Rozelle, James Looney, Winston Thornburg, Jerry Cotton, Joel May, Lauretta Lawler, the people in uniform – Lauren Hebrank and husband, Jonathan Crocker, Miles and Tyler Norris, Jeremy Roden and wife, Andre Anderson and family, Mikey Warren and family, Cord Smith, Dan Phillips, Louis Stanton and family, Weylon Hill and wife, any I’ve forgotten or know not about.