Trinidad Tales 12-16-11

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : December 19, 2011

By Emily Lundy

Friends, neighbors, work groups, churches, organizations, schools – everyone it seems is getting together for parties of food and good will. Trinidad ISD will have had its Christmas program Thursday, Dec. 14, with a meal served before if anyone chooses to eat. The program begins at 7 p.m.

One new baby is here for Christmas. Patrick and Crystal Parker have a baby boy, Reed, born last Friday around noon; he weighed 8′ 14″ and was a little over 20 inches long. Congratulations.

School sessions will dismiss at 12:30 p.m. here this Friday for what we called the two-week Christmas holiday break. Everyone gets the break.

Basketball games for the high school will be away if there are any.

Several of our people in uniform will be coming in for Christmas. I wish I knew which ones specifically. Perhaps I’ll see them.

The rain has really been needed and refreshing. Many have been able to burn leaves that were making huge piles, ready to blow all over the yard again. One friend of ours, the year we had ample pecans in our yard, told us he wouldn’t be back to pick anymore until we cleared the leaves. We’ve learned, clear them one day, and the next day more have fallen.

In recent months I haven’ t fussed any about the news being on. My grandfather listened to all the news he could on his radio. Now my husband has steady reports coming in, and lately I’m listening and watching with him. We’re able to see lying first hand. And then the news gets really close to home as here we are to let 14 percent of Americans have their way while the others have to change. I use the word “American” loosely. A visit to the Capitol, Washington D.C., shows building after monument with Christian symbols, early Christian leaders, words of Biblical wisdom etched into stone. And crosses are abundant. One writer to a newspaper said it well: The constitution says “freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.” When the majority of citizens in a Christian-based nation must bow to the few, then whose rights have been taken away. Will we one day be inside our dark homes, hiding our “Holiday Tree,” our plaque of the ten commandments?
Christianity struggles with barriers daily from lifestyles. Twice a year we go public, struggling with toys and bunnies, to remind people of peace and good will . Don’t punish man for this.

College students are already coming home. One granddaughter finished her exams yesterday. Most semesters end before Christmas and pick up again in January.

On December 15, the Cedar Creek Lake United Methodist Church off Hy. 274 will hold a session for those grieving at this time.

Most churches are having food drives for those who can use more. Any church will take the offerings.

The Trinidad Methodist Church will hold a Christmas Eve Service at 6 p.m. in it sanctuary. Everyone is invited.

Pray for our friends: Geraldine Stanfield, Roberta Staples, Joe Moser, Lauretta Lawler, Winston Thornburg, James Looney, Jerry Cotton, Lawrence Moser, Pauline Smalling, Barry Bryson, Don Ellison. Our people in uniform: Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Andre Anderson, Darrell Colby, the Jeremy Rodens, Jonathan Crocker, Lauren Hebrank, Mikey Warren, Weylon Hill, Cord Smith.
God’s blessings to all.