Letters: God-given rights

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : December 19, 2011

Dear Editor,

How we believe is our God-given right. Many, many of our young men and women have gone overseas fighting for our rights, and many, many of them have been killed. Therefore I think our rights are well paid-for.

It just wouldn’t be our courthouse if it wasn’t decorated like this. We don’t push our beliefs on anyone and therefore you have no right whatever to demand that we agree with how you believe or what you want.

According to the phone book, we have 55 churches with the Athens phone number and 102 in just our surrounding area. There is never any conflict between the denominations. They all worship God in their own way.

I believe in my God and I believe we have angels right here on Earth with us.

I would also like to know why you singled out the Athens courthouse, I did go looking. There are more nativity scenes on courthouse lawns, and one judge said he didn’t have one now but he certainly would have one next year.

Why does the person who complained have to hide behind someone in Wisconsin? I find over the years if I am just myself, I don’t put on airs, I guess you would call me plain old hillbilly, but I sure don’t have any problems that I have to watch my back for. So why are you hiding?

Edith Rounsavall