Pitts says nativity scene a tradition

Posted by : admin | On : December 9, 2011

Rep. Jim Pitts

By Michael V. Hannigan
The News Staff

District 10 State Rep. Jim Pitts today called the nativity scene on the Henderson County Courthouse lawn a “community tradition.”

“I’m disturbed that an out of state group has tried to interject itself into what has been an annual tradition at the Henderson County Courthouse for many years,” Pitts said. “That nativity scene is a holiday tradition for the entire community, and shouldn’t be used as a tool for some group to pursue an extreme agenda.”

Monday, Henderson County officials received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) demanding the county remove the nativity because “(t)he Supreme Court has ruled it is impermissible to place a nativity scene as the sole focus of a display on government property.”

Pitts, whose district will encompass the west side of Cedar Creek Lake and around to Malakoff after redistricting takes effect, also said he was worried about the possible financial burden of fighting the foundation.

“Henderson County is already facing a difficult budget situation and shouldn’t have to bear an expensive legal bill to simply continue a community tradition,” Pitts said. “I will be keeping a close eye on the situation, and will continue to support the county leadership as we move forward.”

Comments (7)

  1. MARY PIPER said on 20-12-2011

    iF THEY GET their way , they will get worse,we have to hold our faith, the Lord will help us,prayer will change things.they are trouble makers,saying people in Athens are calling them,and the antheist are emailing people ,calling Jesus and God Mary all kinds of names.God needs to tend to them and he will, they have to much time on their hands people.

  2. FRANK A. EDDY SR. said on 17-12-2011


  3. Teresa said on 12-12-2011

    I am just wondering , surely the whole state of Wisconsin does not believe this way, we have herd support from all over the country, how come we have only herd from the other side of the point of view from residents of Wisconsin?

    • Michael V. Hannigan said on 12-12-2011

      Actually, many people from Wisconsin have posted since last week in support of keeping the nativity.

  4. Dan brewer said on 10-12-2011

    thats their point. They know that it gonna cost the county a lotta of money to defend. They figure “yep this county will cave in because the leagal bills will be too much” What county is not having trouble with this economy? In their own statement is their mistake :

    “(t)he Supreme Court has ruled it is impermissible to place a nativity scene as the sole focus of a display on government property.”

    Since there are other scenes on the property then the nativitty scene is not the sole focus of the display. Well it was’nt until you idiots came in an it got national attention.

    So I hope and pray that this situation will soon be resolved. Until then if you dont like our nstivity scene then drive around the block another way.