Letter: Hensarling editorial ‘disgraceful’

Posted by : Press release | On : December 9, 2011

Dear Editor,

I sent the following email to Representative Hensarling about his Nov. 22 Wall Street Journal opinion piece:

Your WSJ opinion piece was disgraceful. As an elected representative of your district, I and other constituents expect leadership from you. You did not accept responsibility for failure to achieve the mission you led on the Super Committee. Rather, you simply blamed the President, who was not on the committee.

If the representatives sent by the 13 colonies to the constitutional convention had your lack of leadership qualities, we would have no constitutional republic, because there would have been no compromises on the much more difficult issues they faced in 1787.

It is disingenuous to claim Republicans offer $250 billion in tax revenue, without stating the conditions of the offer; namely, allowing the Bush tax cuts to continue at the cost of $1.2 trillion.

Cecil A. Ray, Jr.