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Posted by : Staff Reports | On : December 2, 2011

By Loretta Humble

Please remember that parade day is nearly here. If you are a business or a church or a civic group, please pull together some kind of float, or decorate your car or truck, and make a showing. It is kind of important. Or maybe you are just a citizen who believes, like I do, that we grow this community’s heart just by showing up and caring. How about you create something and get in line Saturday morning? It is not going to a Macy’s Parade. Unless the plumbing people show up again this year, there may not be one outstanding float in the whole bunch. I know the Cedar Lake floats are going to be no-budget creations, made of stuff we already have, or borrow. The nursing home

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does have its own trailer. The home care folks have to borrow one. I think the nursing home people are trying to make a cabin in the woods out of a dog house. Actually it’s the pig house, left over from the potbelly pigs we had to find a new home for after they rooted under the old nursing home building and caused a gas leak. Actually, the pigs never cared for the house, so it’s in very good shape. Don’t tell the nursing home folks I told you their plans. They might think it would spoil the magic if you knew it was a pig house. By the way, they need to borrow some bright red baby longjohns. Can you help with that?

Parades are, I guess, basically advertising. People are there to make a statement. Businesses and groups are there to say, “Look at us. Don’t forget we are here. Come check us out.” Or they may be saying, “I believe in Malakoff, and I’m going to do my best to support every little effort anybody comes up with that will make our community stronger.

That’s what is going on with my Cedar Lake folks. We don’t expect that making a cabin out of a pig’s house (hey, that’s like making a silk purse out something else pig) will cause one person to come down and check into the nursing home. But we think joining the party matters. It is kind of easy to get discouraged when you look around downtown and see closed and demolished buildings, and you hear of little shops closing, even though new ones are coming in. We just know if we fan every little flame of optimism, good things will continue to happen here, and will increase. Our community will grow. We will have more friends. When our friends need what we have to offer, they will remember us.

It works the same way with individual citizens. Every one of us can help build the community spirit here. The better it feels here, the more people will want to be a part of it. To participate in events, to vote, to shop, and to live here. So come to Parade Day. Better yet, get in the parade. You can think of something.

Then stay around and shop. Help keep small businesses alive. Make it a treasure hunt. See how many of your Christmas gifts you can buy, right here at home. My family and some groups in our businesses who draw names have pledged to make it a rule that all those gifts have to be bought in Malakoff. Maybe you are part of some groups that could do that.

Then be sure you make a trip down to the Historical Museum in the Flagg House. It is one of the greatest things to happen to Malakoff in a long time. I promise you won’t regret the visit.

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  1. LaDona Davis said on 03-12-2011

    Well I finally found it. I enjoyed the article and it was very heartfelt. God willing Jace and I will be there. Rick said Jace could ride on the Exes float too so he will enjoy that and tossing candy out to others. Looking forward to it and praying that I will be 100% by then.