Trinidad Tales 12-2-11

Posted by : admin | On : December 2, 2011

By Emily Lundy

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Black Friday went off as expected, and we are into the Christmas Season of 2011. I don’t know where to start – cards, gifts, decor, cookie making, or baskets of surprises.

As I’m an adult with the syndrome that fights order and organization, I’ll most likely do a little each day.

The Trinidad Methodist Church wants to invite everyone to its Christmas Eve Service at 6:30 p.m.

On December 15, a 6:30, the Cedar Creek Lake Methodist Church will hold a service for those grieving through Christmas. Also, December 15 is the date set for the play at Trinidad school that usually is thoroughly amusing.

Betsy Crocker Johnston called to tell me about her large Thanksgiving dinner. She had 40 people as guests. Her four children came, their children, and then other relatives from far and near. She said it was wonderful seeing everyone on such a memorable day.

Barbara Ardoin’s little great-grandson, Joey (you-nger than 1 year) has come through heart surgery and is doing better. His great-grandpa was Joe, who had heart problems, his granddad was Joe who had heart surgery not too long ago. This little fellow, Joey followed his ancestors, and the name Joe will now rest. He has been in a Lousiana hospital for quite a while.

June Lehmann Wright, 40, is the niece of Betty Lehmann. June is progressing after surgery and chemo begun in October. She will not need radiation

Betty French Hayes of Austin (Lakeway) died Tuesday before Thanksgiving. She was diagnosed with throat cancer, entered the hospital for tests and treatment, and in about six weeks left this earth. I loved her much. She and I shared one or two years in high school, playing basketball and cheerleading. I graduated, and our paths went in diverse directions although we both eventually taught English, hers in a university while I was in community colleges and high schools. She was witty, brainy, and happy. We managed to keep up through the years, beginning our conversation each time with what we discussed the last time. We could easily talk over two hours long distance. Her husband called me “Trinidad.” Betty was special. She was the oldest daughter of the late Margaret and John French.

A major robbery took place at one of our businesses. This is all I know at the time, but one machine with money was taken.

Christmas is on a Sunday this year, and the day will be here after I turn around three times.

Please pray for these: Jerry Cotton, Winston Thornburg, James Loo-ney, Evelyn Beavers, Rosalee Colvin, Carol Stevenson, Brancy Ree-se, Don Wilbanks, Christopher Brown, Ginger Frasier, Martha Perry, Deanna Heickman, Avon Lane, Raymond Tubbs, Barry Bryson, our veterans who still may suffer, and our men and women in uniform: Waylon Hill, Louis Stanton, Andre Anderson, Mikey Warren, Jonathan Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Roden, Tyler Norris, Miles Norris, Darrell Colby, Lauren Hebrank.