Letters: Where the heart is

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : December 2, 2011

Dear Editor,

Every few months, Obama must travel to Europe to advise their leaders just how to handle the serious financial problems they have with country after country claiming bankruptcy and experiencing fiery brawling protesters in the streets. He told us that he and Angela Merkel (Germany) speak each week. He must travel frequently to the Middle East for the same reason. He and the Saudi kings and the leaders of Egypt and Libya are “tight.”

We here in the U.S. got to witness first hand he and his cohorts conducting the moment-by-moment killing of Osama bin Laden. Obama is the “go-to” man of the United Nations when they require expertise. Now, he has added Australia to his list of nations requiring his advice, just in case they have any problems with China.

(MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH.) Obama, Pelosi, and others in the Democratic Party have lauded the protesters and the rioting of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Obama’s adviser, Bill Ayers, is now teaching OWS just how to best “occupy” Wall Street. (Once an anarchist, always an anarchist.) Obama said he “wished he could march with the Union members in Wisconsin” where they did $500,000 of damage to their own state house. The “shovel-ready jobs” paid for by the stimulus were not shovel-ready according to Obama thus no new jobs and billions of squandered dollars. Many of the “green” companies funded to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars were little more than fraudulent. Department of Energy head Chu (who had little knowledge of running a business) was in total control of this failed experiment. More billions of wasted dollars. Obama’s Chief Justice is more concerned with the fair treatment of foreign enemies than with the many innocent men and women who were killed with the 2,400 guns that the Justice Department sold to the deadliest drug cartel in Mexico. In fact, Holder didn’t even know what was going on. But when any state tries to enforce Federal law regarding illegal aliens, Holder immediately files suit against that state regardless of the fact that oftentimes he admittedly hasn’t read the law.

Now, it seems that Obama’s heart is with foreign affairs. Perhaps he should be appointed to the United Nations. We can elect a president whose Number One concern is the United States.

Deanna Drab
Payne Springs