Trinidad Tales 11-25-11

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : November 23, 2011

By Emily Lundy
Special to The news
Counting blessings can be an eye-opener. Some of mine are making an appearance now, before Thursday arrives. A grandson, 12, will be out of his school for the week and has come on a Sunday night to visit Gramp and Grump and to try out my apnea machine for CPAP (and I thought this machine would scare them). Some have asked to play with the breath reliever before. The fall break once came to schools and then two or three days were free at Thanksgiving. Changes come and go, some better, some worse.

Dan Taylor made a quick visit again to Trinidad to check on his brother Tommy and to deliver to some lucky people one of those Tyler turkeys – Greenberg?

The Lawlers had a scary weekend. Lauretta fell twice with her walker, the second time a flat fall backward. She stayed overnight in a Tyler hospital to observe for leaking blood on the brain, but all seemed to go well. Dale and Barbara Wier, Norman’s sister, are delaying their Thanksgiving trip to Denver until Christmas to see family there. Then Dale has some trips he wants to make to Arizona.
Evelyn Beavers will spend Thanksgiving alone unless unexpected visitors show up.

Velma Womack says she is working for three women in town who don’t get out much and cannot do what they once did with ease. No one tells us when that time will hit us, but we think about it often.

Mr. Arthritis has found my neck (a couple of years ago) and now my mid-spine. I’m giving in for some medication soon.

Rosalee Colvin is staying home and handling her chemo treatments quite well. She has two daughters and granddaughters who check on her.

Betty Jane French Hayes remains in an Austin hospital in reaction to massive chemotherapy. She is in ICU. Her sisters Mary Nell Renteria (Kemp) and Sandra Clark (Beaumont) are taking turns with visits. Betty’s husband Barry is near all the time. A niece lives in Austin also.

Some deer hunters are using Thanksgiving for trips to distant deer leases. I see deer out and about as I drive somewhere. You couldn’t pay me to shoot one. Two have run into our cars on four-lane highways. One died, and the other couldn’t be found. This is a collision with no warning at all, sometime no deer even seen.

Rain has fallen around Trinidad, but we don’t always catch any drops.

Linda and Dave Stanton drove to Colorado Springs, Colo. to bring back Louis Stanton’s wife and four daughters for a visit. Louis is in the military in Korea. The younger daughters are 18-month old twins.

Keep December 15 open for a school play with middle school students I think. Every play I’ve seen has been impressive under the direction of a drama-led leader. A time will be set this week for day or night presentation.

Dot Meadows catered and cooked a full Thanksgiving meal for the members of Calvary Baptist Church following their morning service last Sunday. Dot said her cornbread smelled so good she made another pan for her own use.

Watch for announcement of basketball games on school marquee.

Our prayer list includes these and others: Geraldine Stanfield, Lawrence Moser, Evelyn Beavers, Betty Hayes, Winston Thornburg, James Looney, Bethel Kelly, Ginger Frasier, Christopher Brown, Martha Perry, Rosalee Colvin, Billie Taaffe, Don Wilbanks, Barry Bryson, and our uniformed soldiers: Jonathan Crocker, Weylon Hill, Lauren Hebrank, Mikey Warren, Jeremy Roden, Andre Anderson, Louis Stanton, Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Cord Smith, Billy Tinney, Josh Polk. We are especially thankful for those in the last 12 years who went and came home to us safely. May God Bless America and give us strength to keep our nation whole and strong.