Crawfishing is a great family activity

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : November 23, 2011

By Buddy Hazell

When was the last time you saw some kids in a bar-ditch or an old pond crawfishing? Has the age of electronics taken all the fun and joy of growing up from our kids? Our kids today don’t know the excitement of luring a big old Red Pincher out of his hole. Kids today have to have expensive toys, elementary school kids all have iPods, cell phones and computers; they have never had the sense of pride that comes from taking an old pair of roller skates and some scrap pieces of two by fours and building their own scooter.

Back in the 1980s, I took our first four kids to a big drainage ditch about a quarter of a mile from our house to go crawfishing. They had a marvelous time until the boys started putting crawfish down the back of the girl’s shirts. It brought back many fond memories of my childhood. I don’t remember just how many crawfish we caught that day, perhaps two dozen or so. I showed them how to clean the crawfish by putting them in salt water causing them to purge themselves, and doing it over and over again until all the mud and other junk was out of the crawfish’s body. Then they would be ready to cook and eat.

After that first crawfish excursion, every time there was a hard summer rain, the kids all asked if we could go crawfishing. We would raid their mother’s refrigerator and get some scrap pieces of bacon and head for the Crawdad Hole. One day there were eight or 10 big red crawdads about seven or eight inches long in water clear as crystal and about six inches deep. I challenged the boys to catch them with their hands. They walked into the water and reach down to pick up a crawfish and one of those big ole red crawfish turned around and using his big ole pinchers caught a boy by a finger. Hey, hey, hey there was some screaming and hollering that day.

I hope some kids will read this article and take a notion to go crawfishing. Perhaps they will put their iPods up, turn off the TV, get some bacon and a piece of string and have some good old-fashion fun. Who knows, maybe they will enjoy crawfishing.
Dads, how about you go with them?