Trinidad Tales 11-18-11

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : November 17, 2011

By Emily Lundy

When we relocated from West Texas (Big Spring, Coahoma) closer to our East Texas roots, excitement abounded about the filling of the new lake, Cedar Creek. It was the summer of 1971, and we bought a lake lot in Dixie Isle with 120 feet on the water but, of course, the water was one-half mile from our property. Talk of water sheds, the topography of the land, the nearness of Cedar Creek and the Trinity River had all been thought out carefully. The lake developed beautifully. Business growth, new opportunities, thousands of people came to almost every area round the lake, good and bad. Unprepared for growth found room. Settling down came. Then in 2011, rain became slight, hitting cities with ample concrete when the ground that needed water went dry. I have not seen the lake this low since moving back. Others say they have. Water, water, please stay fit to drink.

This past weekend had its fill of Veterans Day celebration. The Malakoff Elementary School, Ronny Snow, principal, had a program for and about veterans with entertainment, snacks, recognitions and much more. The children were hosts and polished in respect. Some from Trinidad were present and impressed. Over 100 attended.

A birthday bash took place Saturday at the fellowship hall of the Methodist Church as Anna Laura Doubleday celebrated her 85th birthday with other birthday honorees: Billy Gifford, Lesa Hebrank, and Vicki Rawlins.

Mary Reed is about settled in her Athens apartment. She will be returning to the Trinity Baptist for worship.

Evelyn Beaver is ill with a cold that has worsened. She is home.

From Friday until Sunday evening, the Looney family and friends celebrated the birthday of their patriarch James Looney that centered on laughter, honor, and ample food. Guests spilled to the backyard with quilts and more talk.

Watch the marquee on the school campus for basketball information as games will have been played by the day the paper fills racks.

Betty Hayes was hospitalized last week during her first chemotherapy treatment. She is quite small. Her home address for cards is 908 Biscayne Blvd., Lakeway, Texas 78943, near Austin. She may be home by now.

The hometown arrival, 60 some years later than expected, of veteran Bennie Don Rogers, came to the City of Athens last week. Then Kemp honored a beloved injured vet with loss of legs, Jeffery Knight who returned home alive.

We gear ourselves up for Thanksgiving, a wonderful time of counting our blessings. We always cook as we are never quite sure who will drop by or when. I stay ready and remember when my family spent years eating two Thanksgiving dinners, one at my parents’ home and one at my husband’s home. The children paced themselves better than their parents. At my home, we ate as close to noon as possible. At my husband’s home, dinner and supper kind of rolled into one. A day of food and greeting those we loved. Not much better can it be.

Our soldiers are somewhere in the world. Remember to pray for their safety: Mikey Warren, Andre Anderson, Louis Stanton, Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Cord Smith, Jeremy Roden, Lauren Hebrank, Weylan Hill, Jonathan Crocker. Please let me know about others. If they come in for Thanksgiving, please take a picture and send it to
Others to remember are all our veterans, Don Wilbanks,Rosalee Colvin, Winston Thornburg, James Looney, Adrian Parks, Don Ellison, Martha Perry, Ginger Frasier, Barry Bryson, Ruby Williams, Jerry Crocker, Christopher Brown, Bethel Kelly, Joe Moser, Lawrence Moser, Mary Reppond, Geraldine Sanfield, Lauretta Lawler, Minnie Morgan, Wretha Stanfield Barfoot, and many more.
We ask for tender mercies and simple blessings. May we recognize both.