The time Uncle Emory snored through service

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : November 17, 2011

By Buddy Hazell

Uncle Emory was not really my uncle; he was my Dad’s first cousin. If you have read my book, and read my salvation experience, Uncle Emory was the elderly man who knelt behind me and prayed this word-for-word prayer, “Speak to Him Jesus,” “Speak to Him Jesus”, over and over.

I call him “Uncle,” because when I was a kid, we were taught not to call our elders by their first name. If we did, we just might get some teeth slapped out. In not that, the seat of our britches would be set on fire. They had to be called “Aunt” or “Uncle,” “Mr.” or “Mrs.”

This is a story about Uncle Emory: One Sunday morning, Uncle Emory forgot to take his blood pressure medicine before coming to church. Every time he did that, he would doze off in church. This Sunday, I notice Uncle Emory’s head nod during the first song. When the song was finished Bro. Charles, our Pastor, called on Uncle Emory to lead us in prayer. Uncle Emory was asleep, and Aunt Alice gouged him in the ribs with her elbow and said, “He wants you to pray,” and Uncle Emory stood and prayed. When Uncle Emory prayed, God could surely hear him, because when he prayed, everyone for half a mile could hear him. Finishing his prayer, Uncle Emory turned to Aunt Lucy and said, “He sure preached a good message didn’t he.” Everyone around them giggled, and Aunt Lucy blushing like new bride turned to him and whispered, “Sit down; we haven’t even finished singing yet.” Uncle Emory kinda snorted and sat down.

It was now time for the Morning Message, and because what happened next, I forgot what the Message was about. About the middle of the Message, I saw Uncle Emory’s head fall to his chest, as he dozed off. The message was drawing near to the close, when Uncle Emory started snoring very loudly. Aunt Lucy gouged him in the ribs again, and Uncle Emory stood up and started praying again, right during the preaching. The entire church erupted in laughter, even the preacher was laughing, everyone except Aunt Lucy and Uncle Emory. They were so embarrassed; they did not come back for the Evening Service.