Trinidad Tales 11-11

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : November 11, 2011

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
Our area was filled with outside sales over the weekend. I counted at least four. Two were on the highway, one, at least in a church, another up Highway 274. I hope all were profitable.

We’re positive rain will fall any day and let some fall plants grow. I read once a country like Korea does not get the sound of thunder. A homesick soldier asked his parents to record “thunder” and send it to him.

Coach Kevin Ray received his 100th win in football from the Trojans Friday night with a big win over Karnack. Basketball games are coming up; in fact, the Lady Trojans played one Friday afternoon.

Dan Taylor was back in Trinidad this weekend visiting friends and relatives. He has a new car, a small one. He said his family thought of it as a grandson expressed himself about a new shirt Grandpa was wearing. “I like it,” said the lad, “but I wouldn’t want to wear it.”

Rosalee Colvin has begun her cancer chemo in her home and is doing well. Betty Hayes started her treatment last Monday with two kinds of chemo. Lauretta Lawler seems to be getting stronger daily. Her husband, Norman, and his sister Barbara Wier of Trinidad, too, were shocked to hear of the loss of a cousin in a Waco hospital following surgery.

Dot Meadows has attended the funeral services for an out-of-town aunt. Lakeside Baptist in the Key Ranch area will hold a community Thanksgiving Service Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 5 p.m. Then Brother Loven invites everyone for another upcoming event, the Fall Revival Nov. 20, at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. For the 21st and 22nd, services begin at 7 p.m. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Carroll Hethcoat received birthday honors last week in Trinidad. He is married to the former Janice Collins, a 1968 THS grad, and they reside in Athens. Carroll’s distinction in birthdays is his falls on Halloween. The party was hosted by daughters and their families: Holly and Justin Prnka, children Chandler and Chloe; and Amy and  Drew White plus children Hannah, Noah, Janice and Lorana. Dusty, the Hethcoat’s son, was unable to attend because of work. Also enjoying the celebration were Louise Prnka and Bill White. The Hethcoats have three children and six grandchildren.

Barbara Ardoin has made it to New York and back. On her trip home, she swung to Birmingham, Alabama, to see a nephew she had not seen, perhaps ever. She called the 70-year-old relative first, and they met on a street corner in the downtown city. “We both cried,” said Barbara.

Bill Gunnels was in the DQ one morning early. He and Willie Lundy began their careers at Sears and have often wondered what might have been. They mapped a trail from their apartment to Sears and Company, making sure the city wouldn’t swallow them.

Jerry Crocker remains in physical therapy for heart treatment.

Mary Ann and Chisum Whorton were in with their adorable eight-week old son, Slate.

Some on our sick list for prayer include Melissa Heickman, Geraldine Stanfield, Martha Perry, Christopher Brown, Barry Bryson, Billie Taaffe, Don Wilbanks, Carolyn Stevenson, Raymond Tubbs, Ginger Frasier, Evelyn Beavers, Avon Lane, Winston Thornburg, James Looney, Brancy Reece, Crystal Parker, Ruby Williams, Lauretta Lawler, Joe Moser, Lawrence Moser, Roberta Staples, Wretha Barfoot, Pauline Smalling, etc.

Our soldiers in service somewhere need remembered. My list includes Louis Stanton, Darrell Colby, Billy Collins, Lauren Hebrank, Jeremy Roden, Mikey Warren, Andre Anderson, Tyler Norris, Miles Norris, Cord Smith.
Bless our veterans.   May we live with humility.