Picking up a souvenir at the Powwow

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : November 11, 2011

By Loretta Humble

I had a great time this weekend. I went with Carl to a Powwow in Austin. I don’t know what the Indians did at powwows back in the olden days, but what they do now is dress up really fancy with lots of colorful feathers and have lots of dance contests, and also sell lots of arty Indian things from many rented booths. Our friend, Mary Trail, rents one of these booths where she sells lots of native american-type crafts she makes. Carl has been wanting to buy an authentic Native American flute, so that, plus supporting Mary a little, was his excuse for going. My excuse was just that I wanted to get out of town for a couple of days.

We watched the dancing for a while, and I tried to take pictures, but they came out too blurred and too dark. So, if you want to see Native American dancers, you’ll have to Google some, or find a National Geographic with some in it. So I was reduced to taking pictures outside among the vendors. I was just shooting away at anything that looked interesting. I have an album of these at

I think the best picture I got is that of the tall young man carrying the spectacular item that may be called a war shield. I saw him coming and asked him if I could take a photo of him and what I supposed was his newly-acquired prize.
“Sure,” he said, “Do you want it?”

Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting. Impressive as it was, I had no idea what I would do with it. But it occurred to me that maybe I could get a column out of this, so I promised him I would find it a home where it would be truly appreciated. When I told him it would eventually appear on, he told me he has a facebook page, and a radio talk show as well. It is called “A neighborly Conversation,” on 91.7/FM KOOP in Austin every Wednesday, noon to 1:00. His name is David Kobierowski.

David says he bought his prize at this very Powwow a few years ago, paying $80 for it, because he liked it, and because the lion in the middle of it looked like his dog. He still likes it, but no longer needs to have it. So he was looking for somebody who would take it and enjoy it for a while. I hope we’ll find the perfect home for it, and since he was so kind as to give me filler for my column this week, maybe this column will give him something to talk about on his Wednesday show. That would be a nice exchange.

He gave me a crumpled up piece of paper torn from a pocket notebook, that had been given to him by the fellow who sold him his prize. It said in neat hand printed letters, “White Tiger was always the trophy tiger because it was known as the Killing Beast. The person that killed the tiger was always important in the eyes of all the others. The white and black hackle feather was the remaining spirit that remained to the hunter and would keep his dwelling safe and the neck fur would keep him warm forever.”
You can see a photo of David and his White Tiger thing at

Maybe you know where its rightful home is. If you do, please let me know. When we find its place, I’ll be sure and let David know I’ve taken care of it for him.