Trinidad Tales 11-4-11

Posted by : admin | On : November 4, 2011

By Emily Lundy
Special to The News
How strange to have the house as cool or cooler than outside. That’s our weather news this morning.

Allergies, infections, cataracts and more are sending friends and neighbors to the doctor. Some need necessary surgery but have to clear up infections first.

Mary Reed on Lone Star Road will be moving to a smaller living space soon, still close enough to drive to her church, Trinity Baptist on Highway 274.

It’s time to make the Christmas list and check it thrice. I hear “Merry Christmas” cards are difficult to find as they might be offensive to someone. Pooey. Lots of greeting cards offend me. I just don’t buy them. I’m looking for lights for outside that spell out Merry Christmas in the yard. I won’t go to Target. I could make my on signs.

It’s sad to know young ones are facing what could be terminal illnesses this year. We’ve been there but not during Christmas. Our second granddaughter had a malignant tumor, size of a grapefruit, on her liver, probably born with it. I cannot spell it but the tumor begins with hepa–and ends with toma. When the chemo didn’t kill her but reduced the tumor to a tangerine, she underwent surgery on her first birthday. Half of her liver was removed attached to the tumor. One more chemo treatment, and she came home. By that ensuing Christmas she was walking and talking using words like comprehend and complicated because adults had been her life at Children’s Hospital in Dallas. I’ll never forget that Christmas. This baby is now 22 years old, but we stay alert to any health change. She doesn’t try to hide her portal (chest opening for medicine) or jagged scar across her abdomen as much as she once did. She won’t wear a bikini top, though.
When first graders here made fun of her enlarged tummy at recess, she said nothing back for a while. Then one day she raised her shirt and said if you had this cut across your whole belly, your stomach might protrude too.

Mary Nell and Sandra Jean are going to see their older sister near Austin this week. They are the French sisters. Betty is still awaiting chemo treatments for her throat cancer. Betty is one of my few remaining high school friends. We played on a basket team together for a while. Of course, I loved her mother Margaret. I’m trying to locate my Maid of Honor who has remarried. Maybe she doesn’t want to be found.

TISD’s Halloween Carnival last Saturday night was fun and entertaining. The weather cooperated somewhat. I love to see adults in costume.

I’m making shoeboxes for children’s Christmas causes and two boxes of goodies for soldiers in Afghanistan. I am really tired of hearing of the tragic losses of our best in battle. More Presidents should have sons. Some high up leader had several sons in the war not long ago. Little was said. There is military protection for some of the elite, but every place cannot be protected in that arid mostly hilly terrain. Buildings and tents can be flimsy. Really, I don’t suppose we are safe from terrorists anywhere

We still find ways to live dangerously here in our country. What is going to be done about gangs in cities or even smaller communities. We knew where our kids were in the eighties on most nights. Too many parents or grandparents or mentors or nobody knows. I guess I’m simplifying a horrible problem, but parents are the main blame, responsible for their own children. I would want to know about mine and be embarrassed if I didn’t.

Ann Rounsavall has been a recent visitor, her daughter Amy, too. Some people here do not know that for many, many years. Lawrence Street West no longer has a curve to match it across Leagueline to meet Lawrence Street East, another mile long. UPS and all express companies sometime leave packages on our porch when they belong to those on East Lawrence. Unfamiliar drivers in this little town have no idea how to find E. Lawrence.

Pep rallies at school have been fancy this year and jived up with flags, no stalls, intros, and entertainment. Some are working hard to show little schools can produce too. But we still have to have funds.

If you have pictures for the paper, take them to Malakoff’s press to get the copy. Don’t send a copy as quality is lost in the process. I don’t take pictures much anymore and borrow my granddaughter in Tool to make them. My camera is not the best and I don’t want buy another until I can buy a good one.
Take your pictures over in the center where Dr. Sanner has an office; also a beauty shop is located in the corner. I know you have some really cute pictures or even other kinds we’d enjoy seeing.

Valerie Cooley is back from England to see kin; Gwen Finley will head to Hawaii soon. J.W. and Minnie Lou Morgan are in Colorado. (I think I have come close to preaching in this column. I’ll stop.)

Remember to pray for all our soldiers, wherever they are, out veterans suffering, and these: Bette Lehman’s niece begins chemo this week, Rosalee Colvin is battling cancer, Billie Taaffe is in a nursing home somewhere. Barry Bryson probably still must be careful with his diabetes. Don Wilbanks and his family suffer his illness, Winston Thornburg, James Looney, Jerry Crocker, Norman and Lauretta Lawler, Evelyn Beavers, Martha Perry, Ginger Frazier, Crystal Parker almost ready for her C-section (Patrick Parker’s wife), Ruby Williams, Ms. Eddy, our housing situation, our council, our churches of most people over 50; our school.

Stop all Lying. Is it too late?