Folks went all out at nursing home

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : November 4, 2011

Doug “Sonny” Humble III in his unique costume at the Cedar Lake Nursing Home on Halloween.

As I write this I am winding down from a busy Halloween day. I thought I was outdoing myself by buying a $5 Cruella DeVille wig and wearing it to the nursing home this morning. But when I got there I found I sure wasn’t outdoing anybody else. I have never seen so many great costumes. The place was teeming with scores of day care trick or treaters, cute as a button, every one. And quite a few of the residents got into the act. But it was the staff who went hog-wild. There were two Cleopatras, several pirates, gypsies, Kermit the Frog, a husband impersonator, a buxom old lady nursing home resident impersonator, several witches, a whole group of floozies over at rehab, and then there was my son … oh my. Sonny wore a costume that caused him to look like a giant baby riding on an old lady’s back. He created a huge uproar when he came running into the nursing home and up and down the halls, crying and yelling like the old lady was kidnapping him. They are still celebrating tonight, with a real Halloween party, with games and everything. But I came home. I was already worn out.

I think they will send me some more pictures to post.

If you haven’t already seen the many photos I have posted on my Facebook page,, please go take a look. I also have some pictures of the folks down at Dr. Sanner’s office, who turned into vampires for the day. And for good measure, a cute little girl named Sidney I caught trick or treating at Brookshires on my way home.

Bingo, Carl’s newly blind Shitzhu, is doing remarkably well. In the house he gets around so well you can hardly tell he has a problem. Outside he’s great too, except that he is likely to wander away and get lost. So Carl spent Halloween day fencing in the side yard where I am trying to make a flower garden. It’s a low fence, and we figure Maggie and Bruno will either find a way to get over it, or stay in and keep Bingo company. And the minimal damage the three of them might inflict on some struggling plant is far more than offset by the added bonus that Deuce, the neighborhood Border Collie, can’t get in to dig massive holes right where I just planted something. Carl had to put the fence there because that is where the doggy door is. That doggy door has been a problem from the day after Bingo’s last surgery. They were left alone for less than an hour, and I came home to no Bingo. The neighbors and I searched frantically for what seemed like an hour at least – maybe it was really less – and finally found him way up near the highway. Then we thought we could leave it open when we were around to watch him. That didn’t last either. He was lying on my bare feet, and suddenly he wasn’t. He was out the doggy door and down four steep steps and out of sight just that quick. I called the neighbors again to help find him. This time he had made his way to the garden and found himself surrounded by tomato cages. His getting lost, especially as it starts getting dark could be a real problem. Obviously he couldn’t see any less at night, but we could sure have a harder time finding him, as the woods start right behind my house. And a couple of nights ago there was a whole pack of coyotes, including pups, howling just in the edge of those woods. I don’t know that they are looking to eat a little dog, but if he wandered into their midst, I kind of think they might. Especially since he is still as sassy as he ever was, and would probably try to take them all on.

I think he is having a pretty happy life. He is certainly getting a lot of attention, and I know he likes that.