Trinidad Tales 10-28-11

Posted by : Staff Reports | On : October 28, 2011

By Emily Lundy

How happy I am about the weather and the rain, but here’s hoping more rain finds us. We’ve lost one pine tree, a beauty, and a magnolia tree in the back. Of course, the front array of long-planted bushes and greenery are now a pitiful brown. When we lived near Big Spring in the sixties, one city dweller with a sloping yard from his house to the street painted his “yard” grass green. He was almost famous, or his yard was.

Here it is almost November. Birthdays begin in our family with no mercy and don’t stop for a breather until the middle of February. Birthdays can be celebrated any time if it’s better for everyone, but only one a year.
Christmas is in the middle of many of our birthday situations. We hit birthdays a little heavier than Christmas. One at a time is less expensive.

I think it is time for grown grandkids to give Papaw and me some little something. I’ll wait. I didn’t realize everything needed to be written down and posted about ages, etc. for gifting and reverse or stopping entirely. Oh, Christmas Spirit. I need you badly.
Most families have their own way of doing things. Whatever works.

Last week had all the excitement with sirens and gunshots from the west and north. I missed most of it but learned later. One day that week, we picked up a hitchhiker as we thought we knew him. We let him out in another community. Two days later his picture was on the front page of a newspaper for a serious offense that did not involve bodily harm. We have some safety devices in plan in our car, but of course, I can’t reveal them. They’re silly.

Too many friends of mine are ill, probably your friends too. My good times of energy and get-go come and cease. I move with the flow.
I suppose it is an addiction, but a diet Coke cures most of my ills. When slender, I could eat a hamburger. If it stayed down, I was on the mend.

Lauretta and Norman Lawler now have a nice ramp on the front of their home to help Lauretta get around until she’s stronger. Billy Gifford and Claude Jackson built the ramp in short time.

Some new children are supposed to enroll in our school this week. I hope so.

Betty Jane Hayes will undergo chemo for the next three months for her cancer in the Austin area. I think about her every day. Michael Douglas, the movie star, had the same diagnosis and similar treatment. He looks rather handsome again. Mine and Betty’s teen years were a hoot we may have never fully outgrown.

The Trinity Church held a “Singing” Sunday night. It is nice to find those who may have been hiding a candle under a bushel basket.

Dot Meadows is seeing a specialist in Dallas about her skin cancer on her leg. Billie Jackson faces surgery before Christmas, not too major we hope.

Jerry Crocker is in therapy for his heart.

Evelyn Beavers is continuing to do well.

I thought the Ranger ballgame on Monday night to be the most remarkable, unusual, ironic game I’ve witnessed in ages. This series has taken its toll on me. I must grow up.

The Economic Development group has some ideas for making money in our area. We surely need to back their efforts if at all possible.

This race for presidential power makes me nervous. I don’t know why. I want America always to be free. I hear tales that we all can we traced by our cell phones. Wouldn’t that take forever? Couldn’t it be boring? And all the cameras in use giveth and taketh away. I think doing right keeps Big Brother away. But that is my thought only.

Remember our sick, lonely and bed-fast ones with prayer and visits if possible. It’s mostly young ones needing my prayers: Jerry Cotton, James Looney, Mary Reppond, Dillon Lundy in San Antonio hospital, Betty Hayes, Lauretta and Norman Lawler, Dot Meadows, Betty Williams Inmon, Rosalee Colvin, Jerry Poe, Ginger Frazier, Martha Perry, Raymond Tubbs, Christopher Brown, the whereabouts of Billie Taaffe, our school and its programs, Winston Thornburg, Ruby Will-iams, Barbara Thompson, David Lohman, Minnie Morgan, Crystal Parker with her pregnancy, Geraldine Stanfield, Wretha Barfoot, Sue Allen, Roberta Staples wherever she is, Judy Langford’s mother, all others I don’t know or can’t remember, and our military members – Miles Norris, Tyler Norris, Weylon Hill and bride, Johnathan Crocker, Jeremy Roden and wife, Lauren Hebrank and husband, Travis Lundy, Andre Anderson, Mikey Warren, Cord Smith, Chelsea Tapley (once my neighbor), a young man on Elam Street, Derrell Colby, Louis Stanton, anyone I’ve missed. God bless America.