Artist donates work to TVCC group

Posted by : Press release | On : October 25, 2011

Local artist Daniela Matchael shows off her painting at the Trinity Valley Community College music department’s fall concert. Matchael was commissioned to create the piece for the Cardinal Friends of Music Organization. (Courtesy Photo)

When Daniela Matchael was commissioned to create a painting for the Trinity Valley Community College Cardinal Friends of Music, it seemed like the ideal project.

“I was extremely honored,” said Matchael. “This was a way to give back to such wonderful faculty, staff and students of the TVCC family.”

Matchael, who was born in Brazil, has been living in the United States since 1997. She moved to Athens a year and a half ago with her family. Her husband, Michael, serves as the director of marching bands for the college, and since coming to Athens the Matchael family has been involved in various aspects of the music department.

So when she was asked by TVCC Music Department Coordinator Dr. Marylyn Wright to create a painting for the Cardinal Friends of Music, she was pleased, said Matchael.

During the music department’s fall concert earlier this month, Matchael formally presented the artwork to the Cardinal Friends of Music group.

Cardinal Friends of Music was begun last spring. The group is made up of community members who support the music program in a variety of ways, financial and otherwise.

An office for the group is currently being developed in the TVCC Fine Arts Building. The painting will be featured in that office.
Matchael’s art has been displayed all over the globe. Most of her work can be found in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Washington D.C., Colorado, Italy and Australia.

Matchael said her love of art, music and teaching, combined with Wright’s vision for the painting, inspired her to add different details to the piece.

“I wanted to incorporate important aspects of music I felt were significant to the music department,” said Matchael.

The hands that protect the cardinal represent the volunteer Friends of Music organization, she said. The music that magically unfolds from the instruments and the voices of the hidden singers enveloped by the musical notes were designed to create an atmosphere of care, protection and the ultimate musical performance.

For more information on becoming involved with the Cardinal Friends of Music and supporting the TVCC Music Department can contact Wright at 903-675-6230.