So glad someone could help the museum with the trains

Posted by : admin | On : August 22, 2011

I am so happy. I asked for something in this column, and somebody responded. Jerry Lindamood contacted Pat Isaacson and is going to take charge of setting up the model train room at Malakoff’s Historical Museum. Pat is overjoyed.
This is actually the second good response I’ve got for the museum, which is located in the historic Flagg House. Pat was looking for a picture of Mr. H. L. Flagg, the original owner of the house. Martha Thompson called me, giving me the name of somebody who might have a picture. We had a real nice visit. Turns out that person didn’t have a picture, and Pat still hasn’t found one, so I didn’t really get her any results that time. But it just makes me feel good when somebody tries to do something I ask them to. It doesn’t happen often. Let’s see … Fran Estes found me some guineas. She did something else I requested in this column, and now I forgot what it was, but that makes her my number one reader. Then several people did, at my request, remind my daughter Tina to bring me the goat manure she had promised me. I know there must have been something else through all these years, but I can’t think of it now. Usually you just ignore me.
If I asked you to do something and you did it, please let me know. I want to give you due credit, plus I’d like to think I have some effect in the world.
I’m sorry to say Bingo, Carl’s trouble-prone Shihtzu, didn’t get to keep the eye that got knocked out of its socket when he picked a fight with the little brown dog I’ve been trying to get one of you to adopt, and you haven’t. See