Morning Brief: Cedar Lake Celebrates 44 Years; Malakoff to Borrow $400,000 for Water Tanks

Posted by : admin | On : August 18, 2011


Cedar Lake Nursing Home in Malakoff celebrated its 44th year of business Thursday with a luau, which explains CLNH Administrator Doug “Sonny” Humble’s Hawaiian attire in the photo above as he speaks to the party crowd. The nursing home has been owned by the Humble family since 1967.

Back in 2007, for the 40th anniversary, then-State Rep. Betty Brown said, “The thing that impressed me (when learning about CLNH) was the statement that people who live here are treated like family. I thought, ‘How neat, how neat.’ If all of our nursing facilities had that attitude, I wouldn’t get some of the phone calls I do about some other places.”

During a special meeting Thursday, the Malakoff City Council started the process to borrow $400,000 to repair, rehab and repaint the interior of the city’s water storage tanks. I wrote about the water tank problems last month.

The cost will include about $109,000 in interested, so the actual payback amount is a little more than half a million dollars.

The city intends to raise the money through Certificates of Obligation. According to information from Southwest Securities, the company hired by council members to guide them through this process, the money will be paid back by 2020.

The loan can be paid for with money raised from an increase in property taxes, water rates, or sewer rates, said Ed Moore of Southwest.