Trinidad Tales

Posted by : admin | On : August 12, 2011

By Emily Lundy
Special to Living Well
We were in Austin over the weekend; I told myself we were a little cooler. Thinking positively is supposed to help, I hear. I love the rain, the sounds, the scents, the falling of drops, everything about it. Please let it come.

Pat Holcomb of Waco died last week; he was honored at a memorial service last Saturday. His parents were Hawk and Alpine Holcomb, and Hawk worked for TP&L. Pat becomes the fifth male to leave this life from the Class of 1958 at THS. His wife Jeanne moved here in the late fifties; they met and their love lasted almost fifty years with three daughters delighting them and their families. Pat was quarterback standout for THS while an upperclassman and was a school leader. He received a BB scholarship to HCJC, graduated from SMU and became a No. 1 fan of professional and college sports. He dealt with diabetes most of his life and then later a form of leukemia.

Evelyn Beavers has a malignant mole on the lower face. She didn’t need this diagnosis as she continues to live alone, trying not to fall. She has visiting nurses. One of her sons and his wife will retire to this area in late December.

A brother of the late Tom Finley is seriously ill.

Jerry Crocker will undergo open-heart surgery this week. This devoted Trojan fan has many friends and a loving family. We wish the best of everything for a healthier Jerry.

Ms. Eddie has returned home from her stay in the hospital and is glad to be in her own home. A niece here is staying at night with her.

Churches are collecting school supplies here for students. Others can collect too and take items to a school office.

Please let someone at one of our churches know if you do not have cooling air of some kind.

Mayor Estes and wife Fran attended Pat Holcomb’s memorial last weekend.
Joel May has been in and out of the hospital recently. He is home now at Beachwood Estate.

Most teachers in the area will be officially reporting to schools next week. I am not sure about the first day of school for students in the different districts.
Three new children checked into TISD last week.

Here we all are, standing in the need of prayer: Dot Meadows, Winston Thornberg, Eugene Berry, James Looney, Claude Jackson, Carol Stevenson, Don Wilbanks, Veterans in homes around the area, the family of Ron Holt, Roberta Staples, Ginger Frasier, Raymond Tubbs, Christopher Brown, Martha Perry, Ruby Williams, Don Ellison, Jack Lundy, Royce Heickman’s daughter, Barbara Thompson, David Lohman, last year’s senior class as they make choices for life, our fighting military, Miles Norris, Andre Anderson, Waylon Hill, Lauren Hebrank, Tyler Norris, Louis Stanton, Cord Smith, Billy Tinney.